You say tomato…

…I say “tomato”…

You say “check”…

…I say “cheque”…

…but whatever way you spell it, we are delighted to let you know that you can now upgrade your StatCounter account via a check/cheque payment!

Check/Cheque Payments
We have allowed check/cheque payments for a small number of customers for quite a while now, but this payment option is now available to our full membership base.

Please note that due to the extra processing costs involved in accepting cheque payments, only annual upgrades can be paid using this method.

Credit Card Payments – System Improved!
We know that many of you had trouble with the credit card processor we used previously and we sincerely apologise for this.

We are very grateful for your custom, so it made us very mad when you had trouble upgrading…

That’s why we are delighted to let you know that we have improved our online credit card payment system and partnered with an improved processor so that making a payment should now be trouble-free!

Due to the better service we can now provide to you using our new credit card system, credit cards are now our preferred payment option.

Thinking of upgrading?
If you have been thinking of upgrading, why not do it now? Don’t forget we offer a 14 day full refund if you change your mind!

Upgraded accounts enjoy larger log-sizes, daily email reports, secure tracking and the option to include your own logo within your StatCounter account.

Free Members
Don’t forget! We don’t impose an upgrade on you. We run our free service, because we want to help you grow. As your traffic grows, and as your needs grow, we hope you’ll upgrade. It’s as simple as that!

Confused about You say Tomato?

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37 Responses to You say tomato…

  1. Coupons says:

    StatCounter service is really good! thanks

  2. Dan says:

    Good job SC. I personally pay by eCheck (e-Cheque) from my bank account via PayPal, and I think you can also use credit cards through PayPal, so I guess new upgraders will be spoilt for choice with the new option ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. TechPark says:

    Another good work from SC.

  4. TECHPARK says:

    Btw, what’s this news got to with tomotoes!
    Sorry I coundn’t get it!!

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Check out the link at the bottom of the post!!

  5. malique says:

    this is a rare move by a web 2.0 company.

    but hey, potato..potatoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Samuel says:

    I love you statcounter. As of now i am satisfied with the free service you are offering. But when my site grows off to height i will surely consider to upgrade.

  7. Anirban says:

    Great news!!!

  8. Tibia says:

    Sadly enough our website doesnโ€™t earn enough money to upgrade, but the free service is great already ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. i use statcounter everyday,i love it , i will use it ,support it.

  10. Vectorpedia says:

    I’m delighted to hear that you have upgraded your credit card processing system……a friend of mine had a problem getting his card processed in the past……..good work guys !!

  11. Conan says:

    I admit I’m completely happy with the free version. You made it so good that there’s no need to upgrade really! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. soggy indo says:

    here in australia we say cheque! either way, ta

  13. Real Bigfoot says:

    US it’s check. Nice job

  14. Can I just say I love it when statcounter remembers me when I’ve gone away? I love that!!

  15. Cheque – and check! (as in message received) LOL

  16. Sue says:

    The more I learn from Statcounter, the more I earn, which means the closer I get to being able to the upgrade to make more money! Thankyou statcounter, we’re a good team

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Delighted to hear that Sue!!

    We’re glad to be part of your team.

  17. Alicia T says:

    Thanks for keeping it free!!! And it’s definitely check ; )

  18. A. Partridge says:

    Can you remind me how much the upgrade is??!

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Of course AP!

    Increase Your Log Quota to 1,500 for just

    • US$9 / EUR7 a month!
    • US$25 / EUR19 a quarter!
    • US$89 / EUR69 a year!

    Increase Your Log Quota to 10,000 for just

    • US$19 / EUR15 a month!
    • US$49 / EUR39 a quarter!
    • US$189 / EUR149 a year!

    Increase Your Log Quota to 25,000 for just

    • US$29 / EUR24 a month!
    • US$79 / EUR65 a quarter!
    • US$289 / EUR239 a year!

    Increase Your Log Quota to 50,000 for just

    • US$39 / EUR30 a month!
    • US$109 / EUR79 a quarter!
    • US$399 / EUR299 a year!

    Increase Your Log Quota to 100,000 for just

    • US$49 / EUR35 a month!
    • US$139 / EUR99 a quarter!
    • US$499 / EUR379 a year!

  19. Eugen says:

    i don’t think log size is a good enough reason to upgrade to a paid version, however adding some more tools would be nice.

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Thanks for your comment Eugen – but we WANT to give our free members as much as possible! That’s why most features are available for both free and upgraded accounts.

  20. Eugen says:

    also, what do you mean “Upgraded accounts enjoy […] secure tracking” – isn’t the free version secure?

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Eugen,

    If you run a secure site using a secure sockets layer (SSL), you can choose an option when installing your StatCounter code to ensure that it does not raise security alerts when visitors use your website. THIS is what we mean by secure tracking – sorry for any confusion!

  21. Could you pls let free account try out larger log-sizes for 5-7 days?

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Truong,

    Did you see this?

    Thinking of upgrading?
    If you have been thinking of upgrading, why not do it now? Donโ€™t forget we offer a 14 day full refund if you change your mind!

  22. do you have integration services for custom social networking websites?

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Sandy,

    If you have a particular website in mind, please let us know the URL. We will investigate how to add StatCounter and let you know. Contact us here!

    All the best!

  23. D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. or diverse-city ๐Ÿ™‚
    it’s all A.D.S.L. to me.

    Thank you Webmaster and Stat Counter Team.

  24. A nice way to explain things. I like this! i love tomato and pronounce “tomato” instead of “tomato”.

    Cool post!

  25. Hi,

    We have been using StatCounter for over 6 months now, and its has become a crucial tool for us. we have been working in Advertising & corporate film , and it becomes very handy to know about people who might be interested in our services.
    Thank you!


  26. Paul says:

    The history the increased log file can preserve is invaluable – Just wish I had enough traffic to have history!

  27. Nice. Will this payment also make us eligible for future updates?

  28. Baptista says:

    At the moment I think 500 logs is enough and most of the free users will not update. Maybe you can create a way to recognise your good work, as a donation link???
    We all understand that there is a cost to keep the system workingโ€ฆ

    Thanks for all the help, statcounter is giving me.


  29. Andreas says:

    Great post!


  30. jasmine says:

    thanks for providing such wonderful services

    jasmine celion

  31. jobs hunter says:

    sc is always the best

  32. May God bless you all.

  33. Maria says:

    Great job guys…….we appreciate your superior support services

  34. Ajay says:

    gr8 work !! statcounter providing very good services. keep it up….
    Bets of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I’ve only just discovered Statcounter today-

    BOY what have i been missing!


  36. Paul says:

    My tomato’s are doing awful this year, but my statcounter is still working great!

  37. Cheque payment option is very useful, nice one, thanks…