The Team … Guy

Hi all,

In a new series of blog posts, we’re going to introduce you to some members of the StatCounter Team. Some you will know from the support system, others do vital work “in the background” but aren’t usually in contact with members.

Whatever our roles, we think it would be nice for you, our members, to know a little bit about us, the people behind StatCounter. We try to be a friendly, approachable bunch and, in the anonymous world of the internet, we hope these posts will add a “human touch” to the service we provide!

First to take the “getting to know you quiz” is Guy who works in the Server Admin area….

Favorite drink? coke
What is your favorite sport to watch? surfing
Have you ever dyed your hair? no
Pets? Poker, my dog

What was the last thing that you ate? pasta
What color socks are you wearing at the moment? white
What are you listening to right now? radio
Can you drive a stick shift or manual car? both

Cherries or Blueberries? neither
What was your favorite toy as a child? water gun
What is your favorite season fall or spring? spring
Favorite food? giant bloody steak

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
Plain, Buttered, or Salted Popcorn? salted and buttered
If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? Costa rica
What is under your bed? dust

What is your favorite sound? that of the ocean
Color of your bathroom? grey with yellow & blue tiles I put up myself
Have you ever found a stray animal? yes, currently have one
What is your favorite board game? chess

Update 5 August
Guy would like to pass on his thanks for your comments and interest! He’s also put together some answers to the further questions posted below…

What does Guy like / dislike about working at StatCounter?
I like working for StatCounter because the work is interesting, fun and challenging, the people
are great and I like the responsibility. I like seeing the end users enjoying the product.
What is he passionate about outside of work?
My passion is surfing. I go to surf when ever I can and if there are no waves, I watch surfing movies on the Internet.
What does Guy do when he leaves the office every day?
I work from home, so there is no office 🙂 If I’m not working and there are no waves, I’m probably
in front of the computer.

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42 Responses to The Team … Guy

  1. Any man that loves dogs is a friend of mine. Nice to meet you Guy 🙂

  2. Ben Corman says:

    While I applaud the effort to be more open and introduce us to the people who make statcounter a reality, asking your employees to fill out myspace questionnaires is hardly the way to go about it.

    Yes, I certainly feel more connected now that I know Guy likes Coke and wears white socks. What a riveting and insightful peek into the man’s soul. What a riveting and insightful look into statcounter as a company.

    Instead of focusing on the stupid (Cherries or Blueberries?) and the meaningless (What is under your bed?) why not focus on the things that matter? Like what does Guy like / dislike about working at statcounter. Or what is he passionate about outside of work. Then you might get something that’s more enthusiastic than one word answers that aren’t even capitalized.

    Or you know, stick with the quizzes, they’ll be great on the statcounter myspace page.

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the comment.

    On the net it’s often easy to forget that there are real people behind a blog or a webpage… that’s why people are often far more rude and sarcastic in a web comment than they would be in person… (nudge, nudge, wink, wink… 😉 ) These posts are just our attempt at putting a human face on StatCounter.

    Unfortunately, a short blog post is NEVER going to allow you a deep look into someone’s soul! This isn’t meant to be a “deep and meaningful” profile – it’s just a bit of fun! 😉

  3. jcb says:

    Hi all,

    Really nice to know there is actual people on the other side of this service – on the web it is sometimes easy to forget that! Good job with the tiles Guy 😉

  4. Tedel says:

    Your dog looks like mine! 😀

  5. Frank j says:

    Love you guys! I have tried many web analytic sites, but this one has never caused any issues with my blog. Always fast loads and great stats!

  6. Meraj Chhaya says:

    Hello Guy! I also agree with Ben, there could be more insight of a person related to the website. But there’s always a human side to everything.

    Keep them coming 🙂

  7. Great to know better about Statcounter team. Keep up your good work 🙂

    Wishing you all great success 😀

    Thank you

  8. Shiva says:

    Cool efforts…
    I would like to know wheteher statcounter is a safe site or not…
    coz when i recently installed spybot-search n’destroy…
    ‘it included u on its list.

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Shiva,

    StatCounter is perfectly safe – occasionally overactive spyware software can flag StatCounter as a potential threat. You just need to adjust your settings to allow it.

  9. Mayhem says:

    Hey Guy. I thought the “myspace questionnaire” was cute. It probably wasn’t “a riveting and insightful peek into your soul” but then it’s an introduction on the company blog, not your autobiography.

    BTW, my dog looks just like yours, only a little bigger. He’s a handful but I love him.

  10. Ben Corman says:

    Rude and sarcastic? I’m witty and insightful.

    Look, I understand that there are *real people* behind any blog, web site, web service, web whatever. I live and die 100% behind my own website and the company I work for.

    That was the whole point of my post. Don’t box people into questions they have no interest in answering. Let them talk honestly about what they’re passionate about. What does Guy do when he leaves the office every day? Why does he like to watch surfing? I didn’t even know you could watch surfing competitions. The answer to those two questions are going to be more compelling than a questionnaire could ever be.

    The whole point is that there are *real people* behind the service we know as statcounter. Why run a blog in the first place? Because you believe you have something to say. Because you want to interact with your customers in authentic way.

    I didn’t mean to dog you in the first comment I left. You guys have done some really good posts in the past. You weren’t afraid to call out paypal when it was necessary and you weren’t afraid to ask for help flagging nasty advertisements when that was necessary. So stop being afraid of what your employees are going to say. It’s a blog post, ask them to write 500 words about one thing they’re passionate about. Edit it, work with them to make it brilliant and you’ll have something amazing.

    I’m not writing this at 10:30 on a Monday night because I want to be rude or sarcastic. I’m writing this because I believe in what you’re doing — putting a human face on a company is never a bad thing. But I don’t think you’re doing the best job you could be and I don’t think you’re going about it in the right way. You’ve got a chance to do something great. Don’t blow it.

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Thanks for getting back to us Ben!

    I’m afraid that not all of us would be willing to write 500 words about what we feel passionate for publication on the blog! It’s open to everyone here to represent themselves whatever way they wish. In addition, English is not a first language for many of us, so answering some pre-set questions from a vast list is a much more attractive option.

    It remains to be seen how everyone else will represent themselves on the blog… keep watching! And thanks again for your thoughts – appreciate you taking the time to post. 🙂

  11. Rupesh says:


    i may be posting on a wrong entry
    but, i have a feature suggestion… i.e. statistics to rss… so that one can monitor publicly viewed statistics via rss.

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi Rupesh,
    Best place for feature requests is our Feature Request Forum – an RSS feed for stats has already been requested here – feel free to join the forum and add your own comments to the thread. No idea of a timeline for release at the moment I’m afraid, but the feature is on our Wish List!

  12. Skyko says:

    We can’t see your face! Lol, thanks for all your dedication to Statcounter. We have been using statcounter for more than 3 years now. Loyal users. Keep up the good work, and the posts about the other statcounter members!

  13. Vectorpedia says:

    Guy “Rocks”………….I enjoyed reading your short profile and love your dog 🙂

  14. blackie007 says:

    Totally agree with Vectorpedia…….Guy “Rocks”…….

    Guy, that’s very kind of you to take a stray dog in and give it a home. Which country is StatCounter from? I’m curious because you said English is not your first language.

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi there!

    StatCounter HQ is in Ireland, but we have team members from all around the world – India, Israel, Hungary, US…so for some of us English is a second (or third!) language!

  15. maria v says:

    real people working for real people -glad to meet you, thanks for the work you’ve been putting in for us

  16. Baptista says:

    Thats good to know thay are like us.

    All the best.

    Any way came to Algarve is very hot here at the moment.
    Have a nice summer.


  17. Hey, I really like this feature.

    Hello to Guy, it’s nice to make your cyber acquaintance!

  18. pamQ says:

    I could see Ben’s point, but I don’t really mind. I think what he has in mind would sort of be like’s company blog. Team members get to post blog entries that range from the very technical to the easygoing & very personal [e.g., food choices at Palo Alto, to an employee’s daily routine and Star Trek fanaticism] and these entries are really great reads.

    I enjoyed Guy’s post, though. Nice to meet you! 🙂 Well, sort of. 😆

  19. EPC says:

    What a fantastic Idea, i am always intrigued by the people behind the blog 😉

  20. sohbet says:

    im enjoyed when i read we are waiting more like this.

  21. Guy says:

    Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your comments 🙂

  22. LOL this blog seems like it’s about to be amazing. and THANK YOU ALL FOR MY STATS!

  23. Maggie Drake says:

    Surfers rule.

    BTW guy, que paso, I’m not showing any hits today, which is weird. Have I been sabotaged?


  24. Alex says:

    Lot of people will be happy to read about guy working from home as success story for who wants to be their own boss.

  25. WebServant says:

    What a delightful feature! In the past I’ve seldom clicked on the StatCounter news items, but I’m glad I did this time. Guy strikes me as a good guy with a sense of humor, which we ALL need to get through the day. 😉 “Poker” — terrific name for a dog!

  26. Dan says:

    hi guy, you’ve just made fool’s mate 😉

  27. Danny says:

    Hello Guy. Thanks for the nice sunset beach photo. I live next to the world’s largest fresh water lake. No surfing going on here. Possibly some wind surfing.

    Grew up on Silver Strand Beach Oxnard CA. Some of the surf out that way is the best in this country. I miss kicking off my sand laden sandals feeling the grittiness between my toes.

    Anyway man surf’s up – go get it.

  28. Larry says:

    Hey Guy,

    I am curious as to where you are from and surf. I am not much of a surfer but if I had my druthers would live at the beach. I lived in Long Beach CA for some time and things other than happiness drew me away.


  29. Danny says:

    Hey Larry
    Find that Damn J.O.B. yet?

  30. Yamal Yapur says:

    The stat counter is a great tool. Really help me with my site stats, very easy to understand and great information for take important choose desitions. Thanks to stat counter.

  31. US Funerals says:

    A dog lover who enjoys playing chess, eating pasta. Could I suggest a great holiday destination, Croatia. Over 1100 islands alon an 800 mile coast.

  32. short quotes says:

    hey, that’s awesome you can work from home! so very 21st century, statcounter
    ; )

  33. blue benz says:

    Hahaha.. I never ask Guy for anything about Statcounter services, I never got problem on Statcounter.
    And this is my first contact with the support.
    Thanks Guy.
    Surf the waves, surf the net.. 🙂

  34. Rhonda says:

    What a wonderful idea!! 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed the read and miss you all like crazy!

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

    SC rocks!


  35. ArabBible says:

    Hi Guy………I enjoyed reading your profile………..good luck to you and the team.

  36. xp22 says:

    We can’t see your face! Lol, thanks for all your dedication to Statcounter. We have been using statcounter for more than 3 years now. Loyal users. Keep up the good work, and the posts about the other statcounter members!

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  38. Geek says:

    Sounds like a pretty stand up guy to me — surfing and tech.

  39. Da says:

    just found out that you are now supporting japanese language in keyword analysis. great, thanks

  40. Claudia says:

    I want to say I’d love to be in Ireland in a very damp, cloudy and foggy day. I live in a sunny country and dislike it (Brazil…). Let’s exchange our houses for a while (with an advantage my bed hasn’t dust under it).

  41. Hi Guy………I enjoyed reading your profile………..good luck to you and the team.

  42. spektr says:

    Real team StatCounter, a pleasure to meet you.