Internet Hero – Watch!

Hi folks,

If you have 3 minutes to spare, you may be interested in watching the below footage of Aodhan Cullen (StatCounter founder) receiving his recent Internet Hero award.

For anyone who’s curious, you can also find out just how to pronounce the name “Aodhan” too!

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41 Responses to Internet Hero – Watch!

  1. Marco Zuniga says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it. Keep doing the great work.
    Best regards from Chile …

    P.S.: An thanks for the tip about Aodhan’s name 🙂

  2. SEO says:

    Three cheers to Aodhan for his award……..thanks for making StatCounter a world class organization.

  3. Sharron says:

    Lol I love the fact that the word “Thrilled”, no longer has a h in it! Trilled, you’ve been recognized yet again for an outstanding service.

  4. Marius Filip says:

    I could not resist the chance to learn how to Aodhan sounds like.


  5. Congrats Aodhan u deserve it 😀

  6. Danny says:

    I bet that was really a great time for you both. Dang Aoudhan… how did you get so lucky with Jenni? Oh well, you are a lucky guy all the way around aren’t you?

    No … it’s not all luck. 90% sweat equity we call it here!

    I want to personally congratulate you both and say thanks a million times for your “personal touch.”

  7. TechPark says:


  8. Patricia Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing this moment with those of us who appreciate what you have done every single day. Congrats, you deserve it!

  9. Congrats! Much deserved for one of the best services on-line!

  10. Poetry says:

    Congrats! Aodhan Cullen … Really you are the best and you deserve it.

  11. Bendz says:



    Keep it up.


  12. Turkey says:

    Congratulatons! Award is something that proved you do the right work!

  13. ArabBible says:

    We applaud Aodhan for this recent internet hero award. StatCounter is a great resource tool and has advanced the internet for all.

  14. Akyaka says:

    I am new at statcounter, but already like it, i think you deserved this award. Thanks that you give us free services

  15. Horse Laying says:

    Well done on receiving yout award, you and statcounter deserve it!

  16. Barry W says:

    Congrats Aodhan, well deserved.

  17. Baliscript says:

    Congratulation Aodhan, keep the good work..

  18. Congratulations and cheers for more success Aodhan Cullen!

  19. Way to go! That is really awesome. You do provide a great service and we are all thankful for that. Now as for a year of free additional stats to celebrate ;).

  20. Anne Nephew says:

    Congratulations. Lovely service. Lovely video. Lived in Eire before you were born and it was lovely. Being connected again is lovely.

  21. BobM says:

    WoW, I’m impressed, and Irish…Good ole boy that is…Congrats and please keep up the good work.

  22. can says:


  23. maria says:

    thanks for this service, i really appreciate it, it has helped me to improve my blog in many ways

  24. jmdirc (Jim) says:

    Imagine all that. Congratulations!

    Statcounter is an excellent service; thank you.

  25. Madannie says:

    Congratulations from Niagara Falls Canada

    The best Statcounter in the business! Thanks

  26. maire says:

    hey! congratz!!1

  27. Amit Shah says:

    Congrats Aodhan 🙂
    Thanks for Statcounter an excellent service.

  28. ezra says:

    Aodhan. Cool name dude..

    Thanks very much for providing the free service. If my site ever makes it big and when I start working, I will be glad to support your premium services.

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  30. Jonathan says:

    You’re a genius!

    I am one of your free users and absolutely love the service. I use only the tracker, but I am sure there are other great features here to use.

    Thank you for such a wonderful product – FREE!

  31. Jose Achada says:

    You really are an Internet Hero, the award is just a complement.

  32. Congrats, Aodhan!

    I’m happy for you. Thank you for the service!

  33. I really enjoyed your post, it was very enlightening and interesting. Regards, JB

  34. alex farguson says:

    Finally someone who can right. I loved your blog and will tell other about it.

  35. Mike says:

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  36. Karen says:

    Wow that was amazing!

  37. I love people who spend their times to give information to other people. You don’t have to write this article. But you did. Thanks my friend.

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  39. derick kelly says:

    I found your site on yahoo and really like the detailed info you provided.

  40. celeb pics says:

    Congrats Aodhan Cullen.You are the inspiration for us.Great Job !