StatCounter Beta Design – what’s new?


We recently announced the public launch of the new StatCounter site which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback so far!

To assist with beta testing, we’d like to point out some of the new features which you may find useful…

(1) Visits/Pageloads Option

Easily switch between viewing pageloads and visits on the Projects page.

(2) Switch Projects

Quickly flip between projects when viewing your stats – just click the drop-down arrow beside your project name.

(3) Hourly Stats

Watch the hour-by-hour evolution of your stats.

(4) Date Range Selector

Available for all stats – just click “narrow range”. Choose your preferred date range and check the stats only for that period. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual options.

You can also compare different periods if you wish – just click “Add Comparison Period

(5) Keyword Analysis – Options

As for all stats, switch between projects when viewing Keyword Analysis.

Or change the time period being examined by clicking “narrow range”.

Or download a file of all your keywords.

(6) Wrap URLS

Check/uncheck the box to truncate and expand very long URLs.

(7) Search Engines

View the families of Search Engines sending traffic to your site.

Click on a Search Engine family to see a breakdown of the regional search engines sending traffic your way. E.g. Google breaks down to,, etc

(8) Browsers

View the families of Browsers being used by the visitors to your site.

Click on a Browser family to see a breakdown of the different browser versions. E.g. Firefox breaks down to versions 4.0, 3.6, 3.5 etc

(9) Simplified Reinstall Process

Need to reinstall your StatCounter code? No problem! Simply go to “Config” then “Reinstall Code” – we’ve even created a nifty tool which will confirm if the installation has been successful – just click the button “Check Installation“.

Please keep all your feedback coming! The single best way to comment on the new site design is via the feedback button at

If you DON’T like something in the new design, then please DO tell us!

We can only improve with the help of your constructive criticism – so don’t give up on us! Please stick with us and let us know your thoughts as the design evolves in response to your comments and suggestions.

PS: As usual at this time of year, StatCounter has made charitable donations instead of sending cards.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the very best to you all for 2011.

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98 Responses to StatCounter Beta Design – what’s new?

  1. Wow the new Statcounter is looking awesome. Specially the hourly feature. I am waiting for the new statcounter design to check its features.

  2. linesh jose says:

    Great post , nice design i really like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    I am excited to see the new features added in my account. When exactly these features will be available publicly.

  4. Optimator says:

    Great Great Great – getting better and better! Thx for this very important tool!

  5. bugn says:

    I like the new stuff, but can’t see most of it. Light grey text works for the under 35 set, but at about 40, it starts looking like ants marching lines on monitor instead of readable text.

    I hope you’ll include a way to resize text, and an alternate CSS for black text? If you do that, you can include a CSS for the popular light on dark backgound too, it might appeal to your younger users.


  6. dlbus says:

    Very Very Good!!

  7. Charlie says:

    Good work! And thanks for making such a reliable, robust tool available at no cost.

  8. Chris says:

    Would love to be able to sort columns in the view where you see all your projects… Would allow us to easily see our top sites in many aspects. Been wanting this for awhile now.

  9. Good work / a tool that does what it says it will do and very fast every body should use stats,keep up the good work and have a very busy happy new year from all the staff at crystal images photographers.

  10. Looks MUCH better – good work!

  11. PPI Claims says:

    i started using statcounter for my site. And i find it very useful and i am getting the live reports.

  12. I have installed for my blog and reports are amazing! Good work!

  13. wijn says:

    I started using statcounter a few days ago and immediately upgraded. I then started wishing for a few things to done differently and then – low and behold the new beta.

    switching projects is much easier for a start.

  14. This is really new, exciting and wonderful news!

  15. Fernandisimo says:

    Parece bueno… Creo que voy a probarlo.

    Un saludo.

  16. Rimpe says:

    Looking very good and useful. When will we use exactly?

  17. ledodz says:

    Nice ! Good work guys !

  18. Robert Ash says:

    Love the new site. Lots of great new features. I really liked the old site but this one is a great move forward and I hope you’ll be be very successful with it. Cheers.

  19. Jason says:

    I really like this design, great features

  20. Mike says:

    Impressive – really like the new features – much easier to navigate and install tracker codes

    Thanks Statcounter Team

    Mike Russen

  21. Tim Internet says:

    Me and my organisation have been with from the beginning and use it for our clients too.

    Thoroughly free, thoroughly reliable, simple and great – cannot recommend it enough, and now it’s just got better.

    Well done!

  22. Rohit@ SG says:

    So, cool!.

    Thanks for the new features. The search engine stats is very required for proper optimization.

  23. Eric says:

    Please add a “show # per page” dropdown, or some other way to use the cool new date range usability to create a searchable *data set*. An html page is not a bad format sometimes. My favorite way to search for some tasks is Ctrl-F in a browser.

    Sorry if it’s there and I didn’t see it.


  24. Eric says:

    I actually tried the beta. The date selector drop downs take a little getting used to but are functional. I’m stunned I can’t figure out how to view all at once or download the data after a filter… Maybe I’m just not seeing it?

  25. Eric says:

    This would perhaps be on topic, the email reports are also frustratingly limited, and actually encouraging users to have smaller log size. Why? because I can’t see any option to have my daily report be based on daily data! Other than page loads or uniques all the other data is apparently for the whole log. In other words I might be interested in a daily report actually based on 24 hrs of data, and I want want more than that saved in the log for other things…It seems like SC has the ability to work with the time periods really well, hope you can address this.

  26. babs says:

    nice design and outlook…go to try it out to know if it suit me. But all the same, great job. keep it up.

  27. This is a great jump to your site.
    It looks exellent, Im using now the beta only.
    5 stars.

    Just a idea???
    Did you think to add the facebook as a browser???

    Any way its a very good site.

    Thanks for your support.

  28. One feature I wish we had yet – often when the link from google is displayed, if we click on it it goes to my own website instead of to the google page showing the search. Because the link to google automatically redirects, it would be hard to prevent that possibly, but because statcounter does accurately evaluate the keywords perhaps a button could be added to do the search without invoking the redirect. Here is the search – – which takes me to my own homepage. But statcounter is correctly identifying the keywords as website designers kalamazoo the the search engine as google. Can I run that search on google without going to my homepage?

  29. Wasn’t aware of the Beta design until I just came to have a look around the blog! It’s looking great though – glad I popped in here! Will get back with feedback after a good trial of it ๐Ÿ™‚ thx.

  30. Min Min says:

    I’m always using statcounter not only because it’s comprehensive but also because it’s faster than its competitors. I hope it’s and will stay as the top statistics provider for websites.

  31. Kpan says:

    goooood design! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. This are really great report and I will add statcounter to all my sites. The live stats are amazing.

  33. Thank you, God bless you and have a nice day.

  34. WEB9 says:

    The new design is excellent! Please release your new statcount version very soon…

    Thank You

  35. Veryy Good content. thankss..

  36. Ashraf says:


  37. Yong Riedell says:

    Delighted different 12 months!!!

  38. Xsniper says:

    Brilliant sharp clean easy access and Logical ? not much else I can add actually …..Apart from Well done !!!

  39. This is a very great project. I am appreciated all the detail reports done by you all. Furthermore with new appearance โ€“ clean and simple page, more friendly user.


  40. LAURA says:

    I would like to see the ability to monitor different sections or products on my site??

  41. BRANKKO says:

    Really nice news… after so many years of sameness ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Adrian says:

    I real love the new look, I just wish you introduced the ability to get a daily MIS report exactly the same as the summary screen show all your account stats on one page.

    This would make it so much easier to know if you have any problem and then log in to investigate them.

  43. PK says:

    Awesome modifications, waiting for it…