New Design LIVE!


Over the last 24 hours we have rolled out the newly redesigned StatCounter for everyone…

Sincere thanks to all our members who helped us beta test the new design over the last 9 months – your feedback, suggestions and comments have been invaluable.

We have tried very hard to maintain the broad structure of “old” StatCounter while incorporating lots of new options and features, along with general interface improvements. This means you should still be able to navigate StatCounter (pretty much) as you always have done, without the need to re-learn the system.

Things to check out….
Organize Projects
Switch between visits and pageloads on the Projects page
Improved Search Engine stats
Hourly Stats
Toggle between projects quickly when viewing your stats
Download a file of individual stats (e.g. keywords) by clicking the excel or CSV icons
Improved Screen Resolution stats
Inclusion of Search Ranking information (where available)
Date Range Selector and Compare Periods option
Improved Browser stats
Filter stats by country (or State or City or ISP)
URL Filter on Popular Pages

If there’s anything you can’t find or something you are puzzled about, leave a comment below OR discuss in the forum OR send us a message. We’ll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

We know, we know! That’s why we have made the new site slowly available and allowed an extended beta period of over 9 months. Change *can* be daunting initially… but please give the new design a chance! It’s full of frequently-requested new features and improvements which, judging by your feedback, most members are really excited about.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
We’ve heard this comment a few times but we certainly don’t subscribe to it! Should we ditch electricity and go back to candles? Should we abandon cars in favour of a horse and cart? Should we scrap mobile phones and go back to landlines instead? As difficult as it can be, progress involves change! We have worked terribly hard to ensure that StatCounter reamins familiar to you while incorporating the many new changes to minimise any discomfort in switching to our new design.

“Will I always be able to access “old” StatCounter?”
Short answer – no. It’s not practical for us to support two separate systems in the long term. The old version of StatCounter will ultimately be phased out completely. That’s why we strongly recommend that you start using the new version of StatCounter as soon as possible – if there are things you don’t like or have trouble with, then we can look at fixing them up before the final changeover.

“I don’t like it!”
Well – we’re very sorry to hear that! There may be a bug which needs fixing OR we may need to consider an alternative option to suit your tastes. Please consider submitting detailed feedback so we can investigate things for you.

“Don’t you care about what your members think?!”
Of course we do… that’s exactly why we embarked on this redesign! That’s also why the new design of StatCounter is very different to the first iteration we started testing. We listened, we learned, we responded. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we just can’t make everyone happy all the time. Instead we have to aim to make the vast majority of people as happy as possible – and judging by the feedback we’re receiving – we’re on our way to meeting that goal.

156 comments on “New Design LIVE!

  1. when viewing recent visitor stats, I miss being able to read the first and last page visited like i used to. is there some setting i have to change. It will show me the referral page url but not the others. It was really handy having it all at one page like that. thanks, max

  2. Excelente! Me encanta el nuevo diseño, es bueno saber que se preocupan por el servicio que brindan. Sus estadisticas me han ayudado muchisimo! Sigan asi 🙂 Saludos desde Argentina.-

  3. I really love the new design as it makes it looks more attractive and easy to navigate around.
    There are still some few things that I don’t like about statcounter: too small quote before you start charging money for it and that you can see only valuable stats for last month and older keywords and stats are left behind but overall good services, especially the rank checker for incoming keywords

  4. hii.. hell o histats… i have a idea How, if on trafic stats in serch enggine of ‘ pages V ‘ in there are count of page are open. so please to improve link that view by visitor opened pages in one web no just count of pages are opened.

    thanks…. :d

  5. New design is really getting popularity and I am sure many of users will be familiar with it soon.

    I am missing one thing that you have a very little quote for the free users. Please do increase it some more so that small website owner can use their data properly.
    As many of these sites are not for income that is why they feel expensive to go on paid member ship with you.

    However Statcounter doing its job very well and rank checking for keywords is the bonus from new design. 🙂

  6. I like the new look – cleaner, crisper.. nice. Like many others, I like the google rank against search phrases; great idea & well implemented.

    It might be good to be able to create a report of your favourite stats and then have that as your welcome view – it might save a lot of clicking each time? (apologies if this is in paid version).

    1. Well it’s a good thing you’re using StatCounter then! Our tracking is NOT dependent on javascript – hits will be tracked regardless.

  7. Although I’ve grown really comfortable with the old design, the new one is a breath of fresh air. I specifically like the feature where I can now download the keyword analysis data. Before, I used to highlight the columns and proceed to paste and re-format it on another application…very time consuming.

  8. I’ve been using statcounter for about one month and im happy with it results. But what im not sure if you have an app to keep track of my stats from my Android Smartphone. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask…Thanks

  9. I really like the new statcounter. I think giving people free stats for their websites to begin with and then charging if they want more is a perfect way to run a business and more businesses should follow this example.
    Great stuff!

  10. The new design looks great, cant wait to try it out!..Well it’s a good thing you’re using StatCounter then! Our tracking is NOT dependent on javascript – hits will be tracked regardless, articles are very interesting for me, I hope always to get the information from this web, so making new knowledge, thanks be to provide information, become more attractive. hopefully always update to the article

  11. The upgrade is very professional and I love the new detailed weekly report. One complaint about the weekly report is that some of the users didn’t get all of the detail and some did. Those that didn’t get a detailed charted email got a keyword chart saved as a png and my users can’t open.

  12. Me, too. All of a sudden my saved user name and password combination stopped working today, and I am unable to log in. Please fix this problem ASAP.

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