RESOLVED:Loading Problems

Investigating reports of problems loading

Updates in our forum.


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26 Responses to RESOLVED:Loading Problems

  1. Ebook Reader says:

    Thanks for update problem. I love statcounter.

  2. Thank you, your quick response. I really love the statcounter.

  3. snow thrower says:

    Great support. Now I will update my account to paid account soon.

  4. I am using Stat Counter from last 3 years. I think its one of the best tool for measuring traffic..

    Yes, I also get loading problem on 17th Nov. But now all fine..

    Thanks..Stat Counter

  5. Yehforgames says:

    I am just using Stat Counter for not so long . but i think it is a good tool for measuring traffic .

  6. Great support. I really love the statcounter.

  7. Thanks for statcounter team..

  8. Fashion 2012 says:

    Great Updates. Free tool but still updating us. thank you Stat Counter

  9. Call Of Duty says:

    thank you for Updates 🙂

  10. C@rLoS says:

    thank you! it’s great!

  11. MKV says:

    It is great to hear that!

  12. Great service. In Russia and Ukraine we don’t have this tool. Thank you StatCounter

  13. Scott Miller says:

    Thanks for the quick fix. This site is super helpful in my online efforts.

  14. Ralph says:

    Thank you kindly.

  15. Nadine says:

    I am happy to see that this problem was solved in so short time.

  16. bdjournal says:

    I am shocked. This statcounter forum identifying me as a spammer. Why? I never did it. Is it any technical problem?

  17. Faddies says:

    guys i am a new member of i have start a new project with the name of Faddies now i do not know what to do further ? any help ?? please

  18. Jenelia says:

    Statcounter is the best i think.I love Statcounter.
    @Faddies contact Statcounter team.They helped you.

  19. I’m not sure why other users have had issues with stat counter but, on all of my sites we use statcounter and have had absolutely ZERO issues. I would recommend making sure that whatever the CMS you guys are using is current and the plugins are up to date.

  20. sohbet says:

    Thanks for the quick fix. This site is super helpful in my online efforts.

  21. Magda says:

    There is a problem with loading statcounter.

    It goes to this page and it shows this
    502 Bad Gateway

  22. Ted Welch says:

    Yes, the last time I have some problem with statcounter, but the time is not long. After that, he operates normal. So, I love Statcounter .

  23. I find the world wide map the most interesting item on your stat counter page. It give our Marketing Director a source of who in the World may be interested in our two main technologies. The Atmospheric Electron Particel Beam generating and Electonic Flame for energy.

    Also our Plant Plasm Growth Solution generated to increase plant growing energy in solution.
    SIGNED Thomas Edward FairbaIarn inventor and CEO

  24. kevin says:

    502 Bad Gateway nginx must die!)) Chuk Norris help us!

  25. I use stat counter on 4 of my sites and find the information very useful. Thanks again for offering a great service.