StatCounter Says NO!


A few months back, StatCounter was approached by an advertiser, offered lots of $$$, and asked to include a spyware cookie on all of our member sites…we refused on the spot.

You install StatCounter to track visitors to your site NOT to open yourself and your visitors up to being spied upon by phantom advertising corporations.

It appears, however, that other players in the world of webstats were happy to take up this offer…

We were shocked to discover just today that another well known stats provider is allowing up to 9 cookies to be installed in the browser of every visitor that hits one of their member websites. This means that the provider is making money by transmitting data on you and your visitors to a third party advertiser. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the cookies are causing the member websites to load very slowly too.

In light of this, StatCounter wants to assure you that we track your visitors for you, only you and not any one else.

Which provider would you prefer??

StatCounter says No!

By the way, welcome to our new blog 😉


  1. Whoa, I mean, honestly, I kinda just picked you guys ’cause, well, you were the first I came to that worked on a consistent basis. Boy am I glad I did. Thanks peeps.

    And as much as I yearn to know the name of the other company as well, I understand why you don’t give the name, and it makes you rock even more. (Even though I soooo want to know… okay, I can live, I’ll go back to studying my stats now. Oh, and cool blog guys!! :))

  2. Thanks for sticking to your principles StatCounter, and thanks for such a great product! It’s the best on the Web.

    Oh, and I like the cool new blog too. 🙂

  3. Well done StatCounter for having the balls to say no! You already provide a top quality service and should be commended for your recent efforts of slowing the spying problem that dogs the commercial internet.

  4. Hi Ann,


    We think it would be bad form to be naming and shaming our competitors.

    THEY know who they are!!

    StatCounter Team

  5. Hi Max,

    Sorry to hear that. We’re going to send you an email to discuss this further. StatCounter sometimes gets flagged INCORRECTLY as spyware. Any time this happens, it’s great to hear about it. That means we can fix it!

    Talk to you soon.

    StatCounter Team

  6. Good on you. I’m confused though. Since last week, when I try to use Statcounter to check my stats while I’m at my place of work, it says you contain spyware and won’t let me in. Is this due to an overactive firewall or something?

  7. Thanks for saying no. I’m sure there will be alot more sites using statcounter in future once they find out that other webstat services are using spy cookies. Keep up the great job!

  8. What’s with the secrecy? Why can’t you name the other company? Full disclosure!

  9. Thanks for the excellent service you provide and for the lack of “spying cookies”. Keep it up!

  10. G’day. Thank you. I’m sure these rockapes really put the pressure on you, too. Well done, for saying no. Although I only do my own site (technically that may be a good thing!) I do recommend Statcounter to those wanting to create a site, and this will give me even more ammo when promoting you. No doubt you will or have, but really push this idea when advertising – it’s something that is becoming more and more poignant all the time. Your service is excellent.

  11. Great job, StatCounter! I’m glad to be using such a reputable service as yours, knowing that you won’t sell your users to some ad company.

  12. Thanks statcounter for offering your great free service and for not accepting the request from the cookie bandits. Smart move, most people would of said yes to a large sum of $. People would of found out and your site would get bad reviews.

  13. Thanks for saying ‘No’ I knew there was a reason I used your services! Keep up the good work

  14. Thank you for saying no! No spy cookies etc is one of the main reasons why I use StatCounter!

    Thanks again! 🙂


  15. I’m glad to hear that statcounter decided to keep free of spy cookies. Statcounter is without a doubt the best site for seeing where website visitors are coming from.

    All the best…


  16. lol- thanks for saying “No!” and thanks for providing a great free service.

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