StatCounter Says NO!


A few months back, StatCounter was approached by an advertiser, offered lots of $$$, and asked to include a spyware cookie on all of our member sites…we refused on the spot.

You install StatCounter to track visitors to your site NOT to open yourself and your visitors up to being spied upon by phantom advertising corporations.

It appears, however, that other players in the world of webstats were happy to take up this offer…

We were shocked to discover just today that another well known stats provider is allowing up to 9 cookies to be installed in the browser of every visitor that hits one of their member websites. This means that the provider is making money by transmitting data on you and your visitors to a third party advertiser. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the cookies are causing the member websites to load very slowly too.

In light of this, StatCounter wants to assure you that we track your visitors for you, only you and not any one else.

Which provider would you prefer??

StatCounter says No!

By the way, welcome to our new blog 😉


  1. I think there’s one thing to be cleared.

    There are several advertisement cookies on And statcounter funds free services by these.

    What they try to tell is this. If they accepted the deal, it would mean that your site would host the cookies, but money would be earned by statcounter. And statcounter refused that.

    Good to hear that! Many thanks!

  2. Thanks for sticking to your ethics. Lately, advertising has been flooding the Internet like Paris Hilton’s panties. My website is also ad-free, in spite of heavy encouragement to pursue sponsors. A similar (i would say competitor but i’m non-pofit so it doesnt really apply) website is sponsor-based and is not having much success.

    Yep, we’re showin the world that it’s possible to offer a high-quality product without selling out. Keep it up!


  3. Just another voice saying that I’m glad you said ‘no’. Good job and keep up the excellent service! 🙂
    Though my site isn’t too popular, I’d hate to have anything to do with cookies or anything that has a negative impact on the odd person that does come in.

  4. Thank you VERY VERY much for acting ethically! This gives me even more confidence in StatCounter for myself and my clients!

  5. DITTO, to all the thanks and praises already said, may you have never ending success with integrity as part of your business practice! I just found your blog, by trying to add StatCounter to my Google reader site. I need “add to” icons, since I’m pretty computer illiterate. 🙂 Kudos!!

  6. *echo all positive comments above*

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING NO! If I found out people were getting spyware from visiting my site, I would take any measure necessary to end it. I appreciate the integrity shown! You guys are the best in the business!

  7. This is a real CLASS ACT on the part of StatCounter. Thank you for providing such an amazing service that’s free… and ad/spy-free at that.

  8. Thank you so very much for saying no to that offer. I would have been mortified to learn visitors were picking up spyware by coming to see my site and I am really grateful for your integrity! Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for being the best, StatCounter. Somenone in who you can trust.

    All the best from Spain!

  10. Thank you for your stand against advertisers… it is so overwhelming anymore! I applaud you for sticking to your ethic and refusing the easy temptation of quick $$$. Standing up for your customers will make and keep loyal customers! Thank You!

  11. Good on you Statcounter Team. There should be an automatic deleting of cookies on every browser on closing it rather than having to remember to do it manually. If there are such settings, let all your clients know. I think Firefox has the option.
    I also noticed that we can log into Statcounter with having th privacy setting on highest level to block all cookies, which is excellent. Praise GOD for your free service to mankind!!! Thanks a million.

  12. I’m glad to hear that all my stats are in good hands. You are providing a great service for free. It’s not too often you can get any service for free thease days. keep up the good work


  13. Man thanks a lot for not selling out!! your service is great and I can’t believe anyone allowing to pry on their guests!!

  14. Thank you for turning down the invaders. It’s greatly appreciated and it’s a move that will keep me with StatCounter.

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