StatCounter Says NO!


A few months back, StatCounter was approached by an advertiser, offered lots of $$$, and asked to include a spyware cookie on all of our member sites…we refused on the spot.

You install StatCounter to track visitors to your site NOT to open yourself and your visitors up to being spied upon by phantom advertising corporations.

It appears, however, that other players in the world of webstats were happy to take up this offer…

We were shocked to discover just today that another well known stats provider is allowing up to 9 cookies to be installed in the browser of every visitor that hits one of their member websites. This means that the provider is making money by transmitting data on you and your visitors to a third party advertiser. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the cookies are causing the member websites to load very slowly too.

In light of this, StatCounter wants to assure you that we track your visitors for you, only you and not any one else.

Which provider would you prefer??

StatCounter says No!

By the way, welcome to our new blog 😉

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  1. Hooray!

    Someone with the guts to say NO!
    Everywhere on the net we are bombarded by cookies and me a baker my top selling line of product but not the Internet cookie type.

    It is always amazing that some people think they can add spyware and it is OK to do so. What ever happened to plain old asking the customer a question.

    Putting spyware into hidden areas is like forced sex. If someone says NO then its rape and punishable by the full weight of the law. It is criminal!

    Thank You! for the good sense to say absolutely NO. NO. NO!

  2. before i was reading on and i misread it and thought u said yes to the offer that made me thinking oh my god i think i better go close my account i almsot did but luckily i read it a bit more going to send a support ticket but luckily i found this and now i understand u said no the other visitor recording people sed yes although i do get statcounter cookies they come up in spybot good service thank god u said no

  3. I just noticed the cookies caused by SiteMeter. I have been using SiteMeter for a long time. Today I removed their code. I am switching to StatCounter. Thanks for the expose.

  4. I do not use statcounter service at the moment. But I will try it!
    This “story” worth the most in this new blog, so congratulations! This is the way how to start a new blog! Nearly a thousands comments in a few month! You should say thank you for the “advertiser”.
    If you have half as good stat services as online pr (I mean public relation not pagerank) then I will be a satisfied user of your system! And I will be sure about third party cookies!

  5. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title StatCounter Says NO!. Thanks for informative article

  6. StatCounter is the first webstats service that I joined. I use their service for my blogs and find it very useful and user-friendly.

    I am really glad that the guys at StatCounter are an ethical lot. They did not give in to temptations and I salute them for that.

  7. I had been using for years.
    I had a StatCounter on a couple of my sites already, but I’m certainly bringing the rest of them over right now.

  8. I had been using for years.
    I had a StatCounter on a couple of my sites already, but I’m certainly bringing the rest of them over right now.

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