StatCounter Celebrations!

We are thrilled to announce that the StatCounter founder, Aodhan Cullen, has been named the Young IT Person of the Year at the ICT Excellence Awards!

Aodhan set up StatCounter at 16 years of age. A born entrepreneur, he has been running businesses of various kinds from the age of 12 when he set up his own résumé-typing business.

As a young teen, Aodhan dabbled in website design. It was this experience that sowed the seeds for him to develop StatCounter.

“The website is fantastic – thanks Aodhan…but is anyone actually visiting it?”

In response to this question which was repeatedly asked by his web design clients, Aodhan decided to set up StatCounter.

StatCounter currently has over 1.3 million members and tracks 9 billion pageloads per month across its network of 2 million websites.

In the words of one of the latest StatCounter members “if you want a counter that’s easy to install, easy to understand, provides many important stats for your website, that’s invisible, and free, you would do well to give StatCounter a try”.


128 comments on “StatCounter Celebrations!

  1. wow! congrats! That’s absolutely awesome – and a tribute not only to your fantastic statcounter programme, but to your (VERY much appreciated!) ethical stance in not selling out to spyware folks.

    Thank you, and congratulations, and please continue!

  2. Congrats. Another slap in my face so I wake up and start to use the web as a sideline.

    Are you now a millionaire? Just curious, SC is now quite big, ads, all other projetcs, once you get into it it never stops!

  3. Hi Aodhan,

    How much is the site worth?
    How many employees does it have?
    I’m 22 with and I have an online business as well, the traffic is miniscule compared to statcounter, but we are e-commerce, so its a bit different.

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. Congratulations, Aodhan….

    It is so nice to know more about the people creating all the good stuff for us to use, and to know they are getting the positive recognition they deserve.

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