Nasty Adverts – BE GONE!

Hi Folks,

Different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world.

So, here in StatCounter HQ, we don’t actually get to see every single advert shown to our members.

We were VERY annoyed last night to discover that some nasty adverts had crept onto the StatCounter site… Please accept our apologies for this.

We HATE nasty site-invading ads and we don’t want them on StatCounter.

nasty advert

HUGE thanks are due to StatCounter member Mike Miller for alerting us to this problem and helping us to put it right ASAP.

Cheers Mike 😉

StatCounter advertising revenue is used to fund our free service – but we only want the nicest, best behaved ads on our site…

Nasty Adverts – BE GONE!!

58 comments on “Nasty Adverts – BE GONE!

  1. Hi guys,
    I am in Canada, and was getting ads. I too thought it was part of the service.
    I will keep an eye out as you suggest, screen shot and source code if I see them again.
    Thanks for the great service … it and your fantastic stat setup brought us into upgrading our accounts.
    Philip E.

  2. I hope that this means that you will be getting rid of that infuriating, intrusive, unwelcome, take-over-the-screen ad from

    I make a point of never doing business with companies that pay for intrusive advertising. Guess who will not be getting my business.

    Anti Spam

    StatCounter Team Response:


    There shouldn’t be any “take-over-the-screen ads” on StatCounter – if you see one, please let us know and we will deal with it straight away.

    As we say in the blog post, we don’t see every single advert shown to our members, so we depend on you guys to let us know if you see anything untoward.

    Thanks for your comment!

    PS: Tried to send you an email on this, but it came back failed.

  3. There was a time a few months back when Tribalfusion was dropping in interstitial ads, most annoying, pop-up blockers wouldn’t block them. I don’t know if what some have seen lately was the same thing. I had reported those and they were gone instantly. Never seen them or any others again.

    But they must be geo-targeting if they are back at the old dirty tricks.

  4. Never had a problem myself, but I did download a hosts file couple of months back that had EVERY statcounter address in it, which prevented any of my own browsers from displaying my statcounter, and it also prevented all images in statcounter to load.

    I only realised the host file was to blame after going though the hundreds of sites that are listed within it. The site was, I think, tagged as being spyware. I removed all statcounter entries and the images now load including the counter, but how many other people have this in their host file, which would prevent the counter taking a hit wouldn’t it?

    I’ll look for the address I downloaded this hosts file from should you wish to see it yourself.

    Other than that, keep up the fine work on the service, its the best one i’ve used so far that works well with mobiles. (my site is primary aimed at, and used mostly by, mobile users which explains the low number of images).

  5. To the Statcounter Team:

    Thanks for taking the high road on this guys; those invasive ads from a certain car company were beyond annoying, they disrupted work flow.

    We have used Statcounter since inception and swear by it.

    We’ll do our best to support your future growth, and you’ll be hearing from us.

    Best and cheers,

  6. Nice job, guys. We continue to place a high level of trust in your service. This, coupled with your response to the recent attempt to buy off your cookies, continues to reinforce our decision.


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