StatCounter – Now 5 Times Better – FREE!

Hi folks,

We’ve been busy in the background optimising our systems to allow us to bring you even more for FREE.

We’re very pleased to let you know today that every StatCounter project now comes with a log size of 500 – you guessed it – FREE!

This means that you can now drill down into the detail of the last 500 pageloads on your site. And, of course, you still have LIFETIME summary stats on ALL your visitors.


Here’s what we did:

    We took the old free log size of 100 and multiplied it by 5 to give you even more info on your visitors. Please note that this increase applies to ALL StatCounter members, and to ALL projects!

Here’s what you have to do now:

    Free Members:
    To increase your log size, log into StatCounter and click the wrench icon beside your project. Click ‘Adjust Log Size’, and enter 500 in the box. Click ‘Adjust Project Log’ and you’re done!

    Upgraded Members:
    To increase your log-size, log into StatCounter and click the wrench icon beside your project. Click ‘Adjust Log Size’, and increase your log by an extra 400 (your current log already includes the first free 100!). Click ‘Adjust Project Log’ and you’re done!

All the best,

The StatCounter Team

PS: StatCounter is the great service it is today as a result of the loyalty and support of you, our members. We couldn’t have done it without you!

With your continued support we hope to improve the service even further! Don’t forget that the more members we have, the more we’ll be able to give you FREE! So, if you like StatCounter, why not recommend us to your friends, family or anyone with a website???!!! Thanks folks!


  1. Thanks to all the team for your generous extension to 500 pages of the sites’ Project Log.

    StatCounter has been infinitely useful in helping to design the optimum page flow on websites, and to redirect navigation pointers for maximum access to the less obvious sections, by polling the Statistics and chain of page browsing.

    I make a point of introducing StatCounter to all my students who are engaged in producing Final Year Website Design on the Degree Course I teach, and I know they all will also greatly appreciate this service.

  2. Muchas gracias por el servicio gratuito, es de mucha utilidad para mi. Continuen mejorando dia a dia.


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  4. stat counter is really very informatic. having all the information about the visitors . its fantastic.

  5. Stat Counter and the Stat Counter team is the BEST!! Thank you so much for this fabulous free service 🙂

  6. Thank you so very much for this FREE upgrade in log size. You guys are the best of the lot.

  7. Personally I think this was the best move you have ever done, next to the Statcounter already being a superb tool. Reason for saying this, is that as I have family genealogy web site with an unusual name and does therefore not get so many hits, so paying a bit of money for not so many hits becomes a bit expensive for me. I also feel that having the 500 hits free will give me particularly, more time to evaluate things and get used to what happens and at the end of the 500 hits I will most likely just have to continue and would be happy to pay. Again my congratulations to an excellent program.
    Kind regards form Down Under.

  8. Great news. This gives users the chance to get a better taste of statcounter’s long-term tracking qualities before upgrading to the logical next step beyond the free 500 which would be the 10000 extra logs for a suitable price. the 1000 should probably be reduced in price now because it’s not much better than the free service. webmaster will now be able to use statcounter more productively for free until they’re making enough online revenue to fund the 10,000 upgrade.

  9. Well, I have been saying that statcounter is the fest free webmaster utility available around.

    Now it has got 5 times better, what can I compare it to?

    I have used it for a site I run to test various pages and adverts and found it to be excellent. As soon as I can afford it I will upgrade. Thanks a lot.

  10. Can you guide me on how to put a stat counter on my multiply site? I need steps that are easy to understand. thanks.

  11. it’s awsome.
    more, more, more, more, more better.
    statcounter is 5star website 🙂

  12. thankyou guys 🙂

    Could you tell me how to register a different IP address no. with you???


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