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Following on from Aodhan’s recent win at the ICT Excellence Awards, we are delighted to let you know that ‘the man behind StatCounter’ has now been nominated for a BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur Award!

As this award is based on an online poll, we need YOU to vote for Aodhan and StatCounter now!

Here’s a few words from the man himself:

Vote for StatCounter!

Please click here to vote now!

Update: Voting has closed. Thank you all for your support of StatCounter! Results will be announced next week.

633 comments on “Vote for StatCounter!

  1. I voted for you. I enjoy using StatCounter. I have used others before, (I admit I still have another one on my site, BUT They only allow 3,)And Since I found this one I really like it the best. Keep up the good work. Thanks For making such a great web tool.

  2. I have had statcounter on our web site and have installed it on all the sites I manage. Great service and it’s free. What in this world is free? Thank you and keep up the great service Aodhan. Hope you get the award and many more rewards in heaven! God Bless

  3. One vote from me Aodhan, and many from my partners! Keep rockin:) Statcounter is a real value on the internet. Not only it’s free but very reliable as well.

  4. I remember Statcounter, now. Added it to my site and blog to find out where my referrals were coming from, and, despite requesting weekly stats, I never got any for the site, and only got them for the Blog for a few months, long after I requested them. (I stopped getting them for some reason.) I used to reenter my requests, and even contacted your site a few times, but that was simply a waste of time. Can’t say the problem stemmed from spam filters, since I turned them off long ago (because they some times filtered out wanted e-mail.)

    It’s been so long since I heard anything from Statcounter that I had to check to see if the counters were still on the sites, or even working. They are and they do, but counting up how many visitors I get can be done with any old counter system. The reason I chose stat counter was because of the updates. No updates, so who really cares it the numbers are still on my site.

    Funny thing — after giving up on all the problems I had, NOW you want me to give you good grades to be recognized in Business Week? Only thing this proves is Statcounters has always been able to e-mail me, just, apparently, never felt the need, until it benefited you. Back at you!

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Lynn,

    Very sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having with StatCounter.

    Your email report had been disabled. This happens if we get an error message returned to us from your email provider. The “report” emails are separate to the “news” emails which explains why you received this last mail from us. (We’ve also sent news emails to our members each month or so since january of this year though, and you don’t appear to have received these other mails…?)

    The last report mail sent was on the 21st Sept last year. I’ve enabled your email report again for your project ‘Teddy Bear Journal’ and resent your email report for last week.

    Would you consider giving StatCounter a second chance?? Hope so!

  5. Congratulations!! I hope you win, I voted right away. I absolutely love statcounter!! And the customer service has been fabulous.

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