The Celebrations…

Last Night

For those of you who couldn’t make it to celebrate with us, here are some photos of the night! We all had a great time, with the party continuing into the wee small hours…

The Team were delighted to meet old friends and new. In particular, we were delighted to meet Robbie and Annie who kindly sent us over a tray of Baby Guinness to kickstart the party. We also met John, the owner of the Brazen Head, who gave us a bottle of champagne to toast the newly crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year! To find out a bit more about the oldest pub in Dublin, click here. (And if you ever find yourself in Dublin, we’d highly recommend a visit!)

Note 1: Always drink responsibly 😉

Note 2: If you have a support question, please contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help! 🙂


  1. Well done… you deserve it… keep the good spirit, keep it clean of ads and crap too.. good things happen , even by doing the right thing,, today got another 2 clients to get and pay for stats.. that is 2 more.. they know nothing about stats and understood all pages and meaning…. they are not scare of it anymore and are looking forward in managing action / reactions of that virtual world… thanks again and glad you got recognition for your efforts.
    best regards – JP

  2. Congratulations! As a member, I am ecstatic that you won. That just encourages me all the more to continue with your service and spread the word about it.

  3. Hey guy’s enjoy your succes! i really happy for that, your website is Amazing, it’s thats google tools for this. It’s easy to used.

    Congratulations and follow Celebrating!!



  4. congratulation ! next time if got any celebration, pls consider to record it and upload to youtube and share with us. ! 🙂

  5. Hi. I’m leaving a request here indesperation – I can’t register for the forum, I can’t get the code for the contact form, and I can’t sort out my problem! After using Statcounter for over 2 years and having become reliant on it, I now get a “Code corrupt” message. I’ve tried generating new code and reinstalling countless times to no avail. Can you help, please?

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast. Very happy for you. keep up the great work!!

  7. Well done to Statcounter… I love the product… I just wish my stats where less now so I could look at all the hits with all the details… LOL

    PS. I’m an Aussie living in the Netherlands with my Dutch wife, the mother-in-law lives in Dublin, was there this year for Paddy’s Day… great celebrations… the Irish know how to drink and have fun…


  8. Congratulations to all!

    Welcome all the new changes and thanks for the great service.
    If you are looking create a photo collage (free for you ofcourse) then let us know.


  9. Many many congratulations to Aodhan, May statcounter grow more. I m very much happy to see statcounter rising and the benefits it is giving to ppl like me.. CONGRATS !!!!!

    Eliena Andrews

  10. Congratulations to all at Statcounter.

    Salute! (italian)
    Kanpai! (japanese)
    A zent’anni! (Sardinian)


  11. drinking is good for health, but should maintain the psychological power too.

    Holla, i want to celebrate too.

  12. Thanks for the tool. You guys are awesome and the girl in the center photo is kind of cute.

    Pistol Pete

  13. Congratulations to all at Statcounter…You are the best!!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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