The Results are in…

Hi Folks,

The results are in…

Aodhan is the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!!

Check out the full story here.

Aodhan Cullen

The real winners of this award though, are YOU, the StatCounter members. Without your support, encouragement and feedback, StatCounter could not be the success it is today.

Sincere thanks to every single one of you.

To celebrate, some members of the StatCounter Team will be heading out this Friday, 20 July. We’re going to The Brazen Head pub on Bridge Street in Dublin, Ireland. We’ll be there from 9pm, so if you’re in the vicinity, drop in!

If you say hello to Aodhan himself (see the photo), he might even buy you a drink! 😉

NOTE: Don’t forget, if you need customer support, don’t post in the blog, please contact us here!


  1. Just noticed this blog – Congratulations! Thanks for creating Statcounter – it’s the best and I couldn’t live without it for my business!!! 🙂 Nice to see a face to the name and a cute one at that!

  2. Am I the last to wish?

    Anyway, Congrats Aodhan and the whole StatCounter team!
    Your service is incomparable, I’ve been using for it now for 4 years and with as much as 16 different webpages.


  3. g�day Aodhan

    Good on ya A! Congratulations! You�ve done well. I�ll be in Ireland in September so I�ll miss your celebratory evening:( Thanks for the invite.

    Peace and Love

    poets Downunder
    reading the chapbook
    upside down

  4. Dear Sirs,
    first of all we thank you for the free service by StatCounter and we wish you all the best in the future.

    Best regards,
    Aries Team
    from Hungary

  5. hi Aodhan,
    You deserved it.
    Best of luck for YOU and YOUR team

  6. Very big congratulations! I am sorry that I can’t make it to the pub. (Canada)

  7. Congratulations! Wonderful success story, keep up the good work. A satisfied member from The Netherlands.

  8. Thanks for a great counter. Again, the only thing that is missing is exit link tracking. If you can get it to work only the sky is the limit!

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