Calling all US Online Retailers!!

Hi folks,

We would like to do a profile on one of you, our members, for marketing purposes. This will be a win-win situation, with both you and us getting some publicity from the interview!

Specifically we’re looking for an online retailer that is based in the United States.
The profile will be based on an interview, so if you don’t like talking on the phone, then this is not for you!

If you’re interested, please post here and tell us:

  • A bit of information about your business
  • How using StatCounter has helped improve your business, specifically:
    • What stats do you look at most often and why?
    • How do the stats help you?
    • How often do you check your stats?

    Don’t forget to put your email address and URL in the relevant boxes below. We might need to contact you! 😉

    We need to get moving on this as soon as possible, so the sooner we hear from you the better! If you have any questions, please post them below.

    Thanking you!

    UPDATE: The interviewee will be chosen from the sites currently listed below. New posts will not be put forward for this particular profile. Thanks!

    91 comments on “Calling all US Online Retailers!!

    1. I use statcounter to track my t-shirt web site. Using the analytics I can finely tune which of my t-shirts are getting more views and which of my advertising campaigns are getting the most clicks. I can then deactivate the ads and campaigns that aren’t producing results. I can also keep track of which t-shirt designs aren’t getting any views and use that data to trim my inventory. Finally, it allows me to see what pages are more sticky then others, and also which navigation designs are creating bounces or are creating a path to deeper navigation.

      And best of all its FREE

    2. I check my stats several times daily. Most important to me is knowing where my business comes from. Usually it’s Google so seeing which key words are drawing and how well is vital. Also, link partners bring a lot of traffic and the ability to see which helps. The 2 stats I most frequently check are “recent key word search” and “recent visitor activity”. Knowing how many pages of my site are viewed helps me work toward more visitor interest. StatCounter is a FANTASTIC service offering SO MUCH great site info so well! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    3. I also want to thank the StatCounter team for the free and valuable service.

      My site is fairly young, and I don’t sell anything yet. StatCounter helps me a lot to learn for the kind of information my visitors are looking for. The keyword analysis is a wonderful help. I check StatCounter a couple of times daily.
      Thank you again for the great service.


    4. I use statcounter to find out where my conversions are coming from. I also use the keyword analysis. Love it. It helps us sell the best personalized wedding accessories on the internet including garters, flutes, and groomsmen gifts.

    5. Save The Blank is a tshirt shop where I design 4 tshirts around a particular cause (saving the bees, global warming, etc). Atleast Five dollars from the sale of each shirt gets donated to a charity that best represents the cause. Every few months, I’ll pick a new cause, and design some more tshirts!

      I’m completely addicted to statcounter – I check most everyday. I’m just one person, running this shop in my spare time trying to do some good, so I don’t have money to spend on advertising and campaigning. Statcounter allows me to track where people are coming from, so I can pinpoint the best sites/blogs to maintain a watch on, and keep a dialog with my few customers.


    6. check out

      We use stat counter daily and it lets me know the most important things in a couple of seconds, if we are getting an huge increase in traffic, and what has caused it.

    7. StatCounter has been a big part of our online community. While not specifically “retail” in nature, our church’s website, as well as my own personal blog, both attempt to reach as many people as possible. As a pastor, “advertisements” for my church have paid off in new members and being able to offer outreach and support. My personal blog is able to reach people all around the world and, as a spiritual leader, it is important to me to know how many people are visiting, from where, and what they’re looking for on the sites.

      StatCounter has filled that need in ways beyond expectation. I check my statistics, visitor paths, locations, and other stats several times a day. By being able to see their geographic location as well as what (if any) search terms have been used to link to our site, I have been better equipped to tailor our content to meet the needs and desires of our visitors, and target specific audiences with what I feel is relevant information.

      Am I selling a product? I guess it depends on how you look at it. While I am not literally “selliing” anything, the personal, professional and spiritual dividends have been wonderful, and I truthfully say that, without StatCounter as a part of my sites, the success we’ve seen would not have been possible.

      Thanks to all at StatCounter for your top-notch services. Keep up the great work!

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