Calling all US Online Retailers!!

Hi folks,

We would like to do a profile on one of you, our members, for marketing purposes. This will be a win-win situation, with both you and us getting some publicity from the interview!

Specifically we’re looking for an online retailer that is based in the United States.
The profile will be based on an interview, so if you don’t like talking on the phone, then this is not for you!

If you’re interested, please post here and tell us:

  • A bit of information about your business
  • How using StatCounter has helped improve your business, specifically:
    • What stats do you look at most often and why?
    • How do the stats help you?
    • How often do you check your stats?

    Don’t forget to put your email address and URL in the relevant boxes below. We might need to contact you! πŸ˜‰

    We need to get moving on this as soon as possible, so the sooner we hear from you the better! If you have any questions, please post them below.

    Thanking you!

    UPDATE: The interviewee will be chosen from the sites currently listed below. New posts will not be put forward for this particular profile. Thanks!

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    1. Our retail products consist of a number of programs that are focused on public health care here in Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

      Use of the stat counter tools enabled us to realize that: a) aside from business related works, our clients don’t spend time “reading”, and (b) the time people actually spent on our site was too small.

      By using a combination of; Visitor Paths, Visit Length, Recent Visitor Activity, and Recent Pageload Activity we were able to ground our assessments relative to visitor traffic and design new, interactive tools, which have kept more people on the site longer, as well as increased the number of people coming to the site outside of our direct marketing efforts.

      I check the stats several times a day on the days that we run marketing campaigns, and several time a week in between.

      In closing, the invisible counter is a particular favorite, and it is truly a pleasure to see such dedicated people making a real difference in the world, AND having FUN in the process.

      Congratulations and cheers,
      David Bookout
      VMC Foundation
      Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

    2. I run a community website based around Derbyshire, England. I would just like to say that Statcounter has helped in the formation and moulding of the website into what it is. Stats are checked several times a day and are proving indespensible in determining the future direction of the website. I know whats popular, what isn’t where the visitors come from, what keywords they are using – All for free.

      Keep up the good work Statcounter Team. I’ve been wiith you from the start of my website and have no plans to desert!

    3. I have a large portfolio of websites that all have statcounter installed on them. I could not live without having great stats like it provides. Not only are the stats accurate, but they help my marketing processes because I can tell where the visitors come from and how long they have been there. For a few sites, I have used the browser information in order to design to fit all the sizes of my visitors. I check my stats about 10 times per day to see which marketing efforts are working the best. Not only is statcounter a lifesaver, but it is also free and no one can beat that. If I could have a desktop stats application, I would love it.

      One of my sites has statcounter on it and looking at the detailed maps and visitor lengths, I have been able to correctly format the site to optimize visitor retention. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Statcounter. As I design new sites, I make sure and put the tracking code in, so it will make my life easier.

    4. if you need any help from slovenia

      # A bit of information about your business
      – i use statcounter for a blog (personal) statistics, it’s fast, reliable and easy to use.. i’m still trying to find the holy gral of seo πŸ™‚

      * What stats do you look at most often and why?
      just check my keywords from search engines..

      * How do the stats help you?
      i can see what’s going on, and make some changes, if needed.. i recommend statcounter for everyone who want to do sam seo stuff, cause the details are important, and statcounter have a lot of details..

      * How often do you check your stats?
      twice per day

      keep up good work..

    5. we are based in Kenya,Africa….and…Statcounter is everything to me! guides me on whom my visitors are and where i should direct my advertisements and the best method to reach my target…….Congrats! on your achievement

    6. I just want to say thank you VERY much for the service you provide! I couldn’t believe my luck when I looked at your feature list, and the amount of things I got for free… and (quality) “free” is amazing when you’re running a very popular non-profit chat website.

    7. We use stat counter on all our sites.

      We are based in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada and Grand Portage Minnesota USA.

      For the Store our main client base in Texas and Califorian, for the Webcams mostly the midwestern United States especially the states around the Great Lakes. For Northern Ontario Region mostly Northern Ontario.

    8. Wow, this has been a big year for us! We just opened our new business and it is really taking off! I had used StatCounter before so I KNEW that I wanted to use it on my new site that was launched in July 2007. Based in the Midwest, Birdz and Beez Baby offers custom baby gifts like Diaper Cakes, Candy Bar Favors, Embroidered Gifts, Gift Baskets and Hand Crafted All Natural Bath and Body Products for mom and baby! We love our jobs and our new little company and have had over 1000 hits in the two months that we have been open for business!

      I use the Stat that tells me where the visitor is located and the Stat that shows me what the originating page was. I love both of those features. Between those I can tell if my Targeted Marketing Campaigns are working. Thanks to Stat Counter, I knew right away that I had picked the right keywords and they were showing up in the correct geographic areas!

      I am pretty obsessive about my Stats! I probably check them about 5 times a day. One of my favorite things is to log on to my profile and see a HUGE jump in hits and they are all recorded by StatCounter!

      Based on my site performance as shown to me by StatCounter, I have been able to refine my marketing and spend my money in the absolute best way for my business. I will never use anything other than StatCounter to record my visits!

      Thanks for creating an awesome and FREE utility for me to use to grow my business!

    9. We check our stats for every night just before midnight. That way, we have a the full day’s statistics to compare with other days.

      We used to check our stats multiple times a day, but found ourselves getting so involved in them, too much time was going to stat watching! So now we limit ourselves to the once a day review, a treat for a hard day’s work.

      We divide our Page Views stat for the day or week or month by our gross for the day, giving us a daily average dollar per page view. That is one statistic we set goals for improving.

      Visit Length and Returning Visits we also monitor and set goals for improving. Returning visitors and those who stay longer tend to be buyers instead of just browsers, so keeping visitors engaged and giving them a reason to return are priorities in website design.

      Key Word Analysis has been great for us. Our site sells fireplace accessories and chimney caps, products that tend to be seasonal. Which fireplace accessories or chimney supplies are people looking for most at each time of year? With the Key Word Analysis stats, we can keep track of that and make modifications to the home page to capitalize on those variations.

      Came From is also a great source of information. For example, when a magazine or newspaper uses information or products from our site for an article, their web versions will have a link to us, giving us important traffic.

      We have no other business expense that’s as affordable yet as powerful for helping us run and improve our business as Stat Counter!

      Chimney Cap Guy at

    10. What stats do you look at most often and why?
      When I log into Statcounter I look first at the visitor path. Mainly to see if certain customers have looked at their specific products. Then I go to recent visitors to see where people have been viewing my site from.visitors come from every corner of the world. I also use this to see how people are getting to my site. What Keywords they are using in their searches. Lastly I check the Keyword searches to see what specific Keywords are being used and how often. After I see the Keywords used I compare them to the Keywords on my site. I then adjust the Keywords on my site to better meet the searches which places me higher in the search engines thus getting more hits on my site.

      How do the stats help you? As I have written in the first part. I am able to adjust my Keywords on my site to better meet the searches which places me higher in the search engines thus getting more hits on my site. Without Statcounter I would not have the ability to do this so quickly and easily.

      How often do you check your stats? I check Statcounter several times each day to watch the numbers grow. I still get a thrill watching how many times a day people are checking my sites. In just over a year my Ebay items retail website ( has become the best website offering Ebay retail items with keyword targeting.
      Our retail business is so successful that we decided to offer $25 for all new subscribers.
      Our advertising Scheme is exactly like Adsense. Because of the abilities Statcounter provides I am able to tweek the site on the fly to meet the needs of my Ebay customers who are looking always for odd stuff…

      I really made the success of my site by well exploiting the analytical abilities of statcounter.
      Thanks to you now i can offer to all my customers $25 πŸ˜‰

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