StatCounter Update!


We’ve been working on some small-but-important improvements on StatCounter – check them out below.

Please keep all your suggestions and feature requests coming. There’s nothing we like better than hearing your ideas and then putting them into action.

So go on… let us know your ideas… and keep us on our toes!


Note: If you have a support issue, please contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help!

76 comments on “StatCounter Update!

  1. providing a link to show stats to public would be good and littile bit focus on banning IP address too.I think it not working well with dial up connection.

  2. I’m a recent Statcounter user too and I also have another free stats logging system provided by my host. I have to say that yours is a far better & more useful implementation, although there’s just one useful thing the other system provides and that’s a ‘who’s logged on now’ function.

    You may not like this one, (o:), but I downloaded my 500 log the other day and I thought, “wouldn’t it be useful if there was an option to clear the log space back to 0 at the same time…..”

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