StatCounter Update!


We’ve been working on some small-but-important improvements on StatCounter – check them out below.

Please keep all your suggestions and feature requests coming. There’s nothing we like better than hearing your ideas and then putting them into action.

So go on… let us know your ideas… and keep us on our toes!


Note: If you have a support issue, please contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help!


  1. I love the improvements you have made to the site. It’s takes much less time to load the recent visitor activity stats after the upgrade. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for increasing the log size for the freebie accounts. The extra is a real help.

  3. Dear Stat Counter crew,

    I thought that your site was the best stat counter on the net, and now you are improving it…

    Thanks for keeping it up.

  4. Wow, statcounter is really getting some rave reviews. I’d better go and check it out for now. Thanks for featuring it on your blog! 🙂

  5. The email report sent to me always goes to my Junk mail. Any idea how to correct it ? I am using yahoo mail.

  6. Statcounter is the best.

    Thanks for increasing the log size for the freebie accounts. The extra is a real help.
    I have using Statcounter on 4 of my sites and i must really appreciate your work to release it free.

    Thanks again

  7. Hello…I Googled for keana tom, but found your page about StatCounter Update!…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  8. I have been seeing some problems with the Recent Visitor Activity page. I have many stats showing Visit Lengths as “Multiple visits spread over more than one day” and the Entry Page Time is the first date/time of their entry on my site even if that entry was days/weeks ago from the most recent entry.

    Say this one’s recent entry is November 23 but the stats show:

    Number of Entries: 87
    Entry Page Time: 14th November 2007 08:14:39 PM
    Visit Length: Multiple visits spread over more than one day
    Browser: MSIE 6.0
    OS: Windows XP
    Resolution: 1024×768

    And the returning visits is 0.

  9. Nos ha parecido una gran idea poder meter el log de nuestra empresa, actualmente tenemos 20 empresas nuestras monitorizadas y es bueno que sepan quien les da soporta a través de StatCounter.

    Si necesitan delegación en España, contactenos!!

    El equipo de profesionalNet

    We thought it was a great idea to put the log of our company, we now have 20 companies our monitored and it is good that they know who supports them through StatCounter.

    If needed delegation in Spain, contact us!

  10. Awesome! Thanks for the improvements. Keep up the good work! I have been enjoying StatCounter for a long time now and it keeps getting better.

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