Log Size – an explanation

Hi all,

You might have noticed some new bar graphs like these at the top of your detailed stats pages:


These graphs are designed to help you to better understand the log size of your project.

The green area of the bar graph shows you the amount of ’empty’ slots you have left in your current log. Using this information you can decide whether or not you would like to upgrade your account – remember there is absolutely no pressure on you to do so!

If you click on ‘Adjust your log size here!’ you will see a pie chart – this gives you the same info as the bar graph.


If your log is full and you don’t want to lose any of your detailed data, then it’s time to upgrade. If you don’t mind losing this old data, then no action is required on your part.

We’ve included a Q&A section below covering the most common questions we get asked about the StatCounter log size. As always, you’re more than welcome to post a comment or query about this topic below. For support issues, please contact us here.


Log Size – what’s that?
Your log size reflects the number of ‘slots’ that are reserved for you in the StatCounter database. Every time someone views a page on your site, one ‘slot’ is populated with information on that pageload. You get 500 slots in the StatCounter database for each project you create. With upgraded accounts you get additional database space, which you can allocate to your projects as you wish.

What happens when the log is full – does it stop tracking? Do I have to upgrade to a paid account?
Absolutely not! When your log becomes full, we simply overwrite the oldest entry in the database, with information on new pageloads you receive. There is no obligation to upgrade.

How many visitors will be recorded by my free account?
StatCounter gives you a log size of 500 with every project created. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to know how many visitors can be recorded in these 500 database slots – it depends on the behaviour of your visitors. For example, if 500 separate people each visit your homepage once, then your log will contain information on all 500 visitors.

500 people x 1 pageload = 500

If 50 people each visit 10 pages on your site, then your log will contain information on these 50 people.

50 people x 10 pageloads = 500

Why does it matter what my log size is?!
StatCounter gives you lifetime summary stats together with highly detailed analysis of your last 500 pageloads for free accounts (more for upgraded accounts). In other words, your log size determines the amount of detailed analysis you can see on your stats. With a free account, detailed stats (eg Visitor paths, Came From, Keyword Analysis…) will be available for the last 500 pageloads.

NOTE: If you have still have a 100 log free account, then see here to adjust your log!! 500 logs have been available free since May of this year.


  1. YaY.. more good news for statcounter which means more users to use statcounter now. I wrote a post on my blog about stat counter so brings more users.

  2. I am more than happy to see the red bar – for a free service its no inconvenience at all. When I start getting big hits Ill be paying for ab upgrade – as previous posters have said.
    Keep up the good work – well done.

  3. Thanks for your service! It’s been a great help for keeping track of my site.

  4. I am shocked at all those people with sites getting hundred (if not thousands) of web hits daily complaining about your excellent free service. Thank you for the bar. It is extremely helpful for us small-timers. Thank you for your excellent service. If I ever need more than I get for free I will have reached a level of success for a website that I will be more than happy to pay for an upgrade. Then if the service I get is lousy i will complain! ;-).

  5. the Beta was tracking the same as the old version until about 3 days ago. Now there are no responses on the Beta, but still responses on the old version.
    Nice product …. Thanks

  6. it’s still kinda few page loads … i don’t have a huge traffic at http://www.yourpayperplay.com but, still i think for the big sites it’s recommended to pay for this service. great job, keeep up the good work.

  7. I just found this page. I am so pleased to find out that I can eliminate my IP address, so it isn’t counted against me when I am updating posts or improving my blog. Wish I had found this page sooner. I love the statcounter by the way.


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