Beta Update!

Hi all,

Firstly we want to thank all of you for your help so far with the new SC4 beta project – your feedback is invaluable and we are so grateful for the time you take to help us out. 🙂


Work continues on the beta project and we wanted to update you on progress:

  • Reliability and accuracy
  • We’re very pleased to let you know that we have been ironing out various bugs and other issues which were causing some trouble initially…the “new” StatCounter numbers should now be recording the same (or more!) hits than the “old” system. (The new system is even more fast-loading than our current system – this enables us to give you information even on visitors who drop by your site for the shortest time.)

  • Exit Links on the Magnify Page
  • Exits links have now been added to the “magnify” page – this allows you to see where individual visitors went when they left your site. (IP Blocking for the exit links has also been enabled!)

    In addition to the above, we’ve been working on new features and improvements and we’ll be in touch about these as they are released.

    Please continue to keep us posted with your views, thoughts and ideas about the beta – you can post here in the blog or you can register for our forum and post your feedback there.

    Thanks again for all the help so far folks – please keep it up!!


    The men (& women!) hard at work at StatCounter 😉

    PS: You can still sign up for the beta project here!

    PPS: Good luck to any women proposing today, given the day that’s in it!

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    1. It would be usefull to have a real “Unique Visitor” capability and to be able to hide/unhide details. I mean by that sometimes u have visitors having a long history with ur site and when they come back u need to scroll a lot to find other users so being able to hide details or just have latest actions by default with a plus sign would be great

    2. Over the last month or so i have been building up a US Tool and Diy website and until recently was running blind on how the site was performing but since Statcounter was installed it gives you the ability to plan your advertising campaigns and the Stats have confirmed that the site is moving in the right direction.

      Thanks to all the Folks at Statcounter.


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