Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Or as we say in Ireland Lá le Phádraig Shona Duit!


Some Irish words of wisdom:

Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras.
Hunger is a good sauce.

Moladh luath agus cáineadh mall.
Be quick to praise and slow to criticise.

Tús maith leath na hoibre.
A good start is half the work.

Má bhíonn tú ar lorg cara gan locht, beidh tú gan chara go deo.
If you seek a friend without fault, you will be without one forever.

Cuir síoda ar ghabhar ach is gabhar i gcónaí é.
Dress a goat in silk and it’s still a goat.

Is fearr an sláinte ná an táinte.
Health is better than wealth.

And from this day on may you always have these blessings…
A soft breeze when summer comes, a warm fireside in winter, and the comfort of a true friend.

The StatCounter Team wishes you all a very happy St Patrick’s Day!

71 comments on “Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  1. That wisdom lasts!!!
    My family comes from Ireland. They were Monaghan and that surname tranformed into Monagas on XVI at Canary Islands.
    I am venezuelan and live in Venezuela. I am surprised because axctly those were my grandfather’s words!!.
    I havmust learning Gaelic.
    Happy St. Patrick’s day.
    Feliz dia de San Patricio!!!

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