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Hi folks,

We’re hiring!

Applications were open until midnight GMT on Sunday 20 April – APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED – thank you to all who applied. Applicants will initially be hired for a trial period. Positions are not expected to be permanently filled for a number of weeks. We will update you as things proceed.

We are looking to expand our customer support team.

We want to hire one full-time (approx 40 hours per week) or two part-time representatives.


What does the role involve?

  • Answering support tickets and dealing with member queries via email, phone and our support system
  • Referring the more difficult or complex queries to the appropriate area
  • Helping members to install StatCounter code
  • Proactively suggesting ways to improve StatCounter and the service we provide
  • Actively monitoring warning systems and immediately reporting any issues
  • Upgrading and downgrading accounts
  • Adding queries and resolutions to the StatCounter Knowledge Base

What knowledge/skills/abilities are required?

  • Friendly, patient & sincere
  • Fluent in English. Foreign languages are a bonus.
  • Highly knowledgeable about StatCounter from a user perspective i.e. understand all the features etc
  • Comfortable with basic HTML and simple website updates via FTP
  • An excellent communicator (email, im, phone, support system, forum)
  • Willing to ask questions and open to learning
  • Able to establish priorities, handle occasional and recurring issues and work independently without strong supervision
  • Available on Yahoo Messenger during working hours
  • Able to work during office hours in CST (that’s GMT -5 hours)

Other Information

As a part of the StatCounter Team, you will represent StatCounter to the outside world so it is vitally important that you share our beliefs when it comes to our members and how we look after them. Our focus is on delivering the best possible service and value for money to our members. We are committed to getting work done quickly and efficiently and we need your ideas to help us grow. We love to change and adapt to improve the service we offer.

Note that this job provides a “work from home” opportunity, so you must have a stable broadband connection (preferably with a static IP address) and telephone. Salary is negotiable depending on hours worked, experience etc.

How do I apply?

If you would be interested in joining our team by becoming a customer support rep for StatCounter, please send your résumé to jobs-statcounter-com with the @ and . appropriately placed! Don’t forget to include your StatCounter username and salary expectation.

IMPORTANT! You must include the following in the subject line of your email “Customer Rep” – otherwise your email won’t get to us.

Any questions? Please post them below!


  1. Are you considering seniors? Capable ones of course.

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Absolutely Sandra!

    The team is made up of a mixed bunch of people already. Once you fit the criteria above, it doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 92!

  2. Is it just an opportunity for US citizens?

    StatCounter Team Response:

    No Luigi – this opportunity is open to people worldwide regardless of their citizenship.

  3. What a unique opportunity to work for a cutting edge company from the comfort of your own home. 40 hours a week with none of the usual travel costs you can afford to take a little less salary as you score on the savings you make working from home.

    You will need an area in your home you can work – ideally a small spare room.

  4. Should like a great job. I currently work from home now, and do not have the extra time. But would highly advise those who have wanted to work from home that it takes a lot of organzation and self displain.

  5. I am really interested in this position on a part time basis! Thanks!

  6. Sounds like an excellent career move for someone who is interested. I know I currently fulfill a job which requires me to work from home, with immediate contact with the company through Skype.

    Working from home can seem like an ideal situation, but remember, it’s a real-world job all the same… These are not vacation jobs.

  7. This is a dream job for me. As newbie blogger I’ve used Stat Counter in all my sites, and I’ve never looked for any other web stat app. Stat Counter rocks, thank you, guys. I’ll be sending my CV immediately.

  8. May someone in Argentina apply for this position if fit to requirements? We´re gmt -3. Thanks in advance.

    StatCounter Team Response


    We need someone to work office hours in CST – if you’re happy to work CST hours in Argentina then sure thing! Please apply!

  9. I have experience if HTML and PHP (see my site) and would like to apply for the part time positions if still open.

  10. I just applied! Take a look at my site StatCounter team. I am the webmaster of the website and am very fluent in HTML!


  11. We are members of StatCounter and run several on-line business. We are fully capable of handling your customer service needs. Thank you, Joe

  12. Is this local only? If so, where?
    Is this position a ‘work at home’ position? If so id be very interested if out pays my current desk job!

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Victor,

    Quoting from the post above: “Note that this job provides a “work from home” opportunity, so you must have a stable broadband connection (preferably with a static IP address) and telephone.”

    Hope this clears things up!

  13. I have sent an email to StatCounter with my information. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It seems that it would truly be a excellent job for my current position in life. Thanks for reading and wish me luck. 🙂

  14. This looks like a great opportunity to work for statcounter……I’m sure you will get many quality resumes. Good luck with your quest !

  15. I would like to apply for the job if it is still open. You can see my resume at

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