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Paypal – time to go?

Hi all,

We are writing this post because, despite continued efforts on our part, Paypal have still not resolved an issue that cropped up for us on 15 May and that affects some of you, our members.

If you are an upgraded StatCounter member and you pay us via Paypal, please be aware that you may not receive your StatCounter invoice for some time. This is because Paypal have been unable to provide us with a complete payments file since 15 May.

See here and here for more information.


paypal claims to be global leader

Global Leader in Online Payments??

While we know that all services can experience “bumps” from time-to-time, there is no excuse for repeatedly ignoring your customers over a prolonged period of time.

The apparent absence of concern or interest from Paypal with regard to this issue has severely damaged the reputation of this company in our eyes. Our support tickets to Paypal are answered with a generic “I’m sorry but we don’t have an update for you at this time” – this is simply not acceptable!

By the way Paypal – if you’re listening and would like to respond, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please post in the comments or contact us here.

Note that to compensate for the poor service being provided by Paypal, we will be manually (!!) creating as many invoices as possible over the coming days, however, we estimate that we will be unable to create invoices for approximately 10% of our Paypal subscribers until such time as Paypal gets its act together.

We are considering removing Paypal as a payment option entirely for new subscribers to StatCounter due to:

  • The time and costs that we will incur as a result of the problems with Paypal;
  • But in particular as a result of the inconvenience it causes to you our members

Since wasting time and resources on Paypal issues, means we have less time to devote to you and to improving our service… is it time to show Paypal the door?

Update: To avoid confusion we would like to clarify that, we have, of course, been in regular phone contact with Paypal in addition to submitting email tickets. Assistance has not been forthcoming via either contact method.

Update 2: In an effort to make contact with Paypal via another avenue we posted on the Paypal Developer Forum yesterday. There has still been no response from Paypal although it appears that other tickets posted
after our one have been answered.


  1. It is worth asking: Have you called PayPal on the phone yet?

    Their “Contact Us” page provides you with a temporary web PIN to get through to support faster since they can verify your identity. I know Statcounter is not based in the USA, but if it is that important, I believe an international call is not such a big step. Email support tickets usually won’t ever get the same attention as phone contact.

    Here is their phone number:

    “For general PayPal account inquiries, please call us toll-free at: 1-888-221-1161.”

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi SC User,

    Thanks for the information. The problem is that our first contact with Paypal *was* by phone and we have spoken to them several times since – but still no joy I’m afraid. More info on how the case progressed is here.

  2. I’ve been using paypal to accept client payments for the past 7 years and I have yet to have a single problem. There was only a minor hiccup when I got married, but a simple phone call cleared it up. I’d suggest if you are not making headway with their online customer service, pick up the phone and talk to them.

  3. PayPal is awful… I have been using them to process my payments and invoices and I run into SO many problems! You can fax them every damn document and piece of information they ask for, and it’s never enough. All you get is some bull shit auto responder e-mail telling you they are “processesing documents”.

  4. Paypal is going to come crashing down, if they don’t shape up and a competitor with a better service comes along.

    Years ago the undispuded nr 1 credit card biller was Ibill, their customer service was awfull and their arrogance legendary. People started to flock to the better service of CCBILL and Ibill went under.

    Paypal keeps freezing my account, if I use it outside my home country, how insane is this in 2008? And their customer service doesn’t even want to take into account this complaint. What a contrast with my bank (Fortis), I pointed out a feature that was lacking from their online banking, they wrote me back saying it was a good point and they’ll probably have it with the next update.

    I’m rooting for Epassporte

  5. If only some of the mega international corporate types would value their customers like they value breathing. Don’t they know their customers like StatCounter are their life’s blood?

    StatCounter users who are also PayPal users know they need to verify banking info to establish an account. PayPal is not infallible and 100% secure. I have had an account breach once and thank God it was stopped before too much damage was done.

    However, StatCounter users here in the U.S.A. please take my word for my experience, paying using your visa card is fine. I believe my payment was cleared even faster than going via PayPal (24 hours, I think.)

  6. I have been dealing with PayPal for about three years for payments from clients for two businesses, as well as my own payments for various services, and in all that time, I have had only one minor glitch, which ended up being the bank’s responsibility. It did take a bit of hanging on the telephone to get things sorted out, but even though it wasn’t their problem, PayPal refunded me the service charge.

    Ebay on the other hand, is a different story. I won’t deal with them to purchase or sell anything any longer. Had one very ratty situation with one of their online merchants, which went to arbitration and ended up costing me money I shouldn’t have had to pay. So Ebay will never see my business again, on either side of the sales counter.

    Since at this point, I don’t use PayPal for Statscounter, it isn’t an issue for me here. If it comes to the point of needing to pay at some point, I’d prefer to use PayPal, rather than to have to set up yet another account through a different online merchant service. Every new account opened just improves the odds that someone will capture your private info and exploit it.

    That’s my take on things.


  7. I’d seriously recommend Google Cart / Payments. I too had many problems with PayPal. Google is just a painless and quick way of resolving the PayPal list of problems.

    Its time that PayPal got a serious kick in their never regions and people realise that their are better options brought by people who don’t have their head shove up each others backsides (ie PayPal & EBay)

    Just my 2 pence worth.


  8. I have been keeping track of the uproar on around the web about PayPal’s PR ever since Techcrunch posted a lenghthy account of what was going on !

    Ironically a few weeks ago I did recommend a friend to PayPal because of it’s security.

    Now, I’m hoping there there is a similar yet reliable service out there for online shoppers out there because personally I don’t like to use a credit card.


  9. Yes, its time!!!

    These people have harassed people from all over the world. They always they have higher authority over their customers. They dont listen to customers and always have a impression that their customers are some sort of theives. They blocked my account twice and just 2 days ago they freeze my account and said they will not be able to restore, i gave them every sort of document they asked. They have no reason why they should freeze my account. When i asked them the reason for freezing my account, they said its a threat to other customers of paypal.. sheesh. They hold up our payments too. Iam a small time businessman and cant take paypal to court. i have husband and kids too..

    I hope they burn in hell for what they did to people around the world.

    sorry if i being emotional and sorry for my broken english!!

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