Outage Due to Explosion at The Planet Data Center

Hi all,

We will be updating the blog with full information concerning the recent outage as soon as possible.

In the meantime, updates are available in our forum.

Thanks to all our members for your patience, concern and understanding at this difficult time.

24 comments on “Outage Due to Explosion at The Planet Data Center

  1. Yes this had me down for 3 days. I own a game server company with a bunch of servers located there. What a mess it has been. I also have a few friends in the directory business whom have servers there as well. All you can really do is be patient and grateful you make back ups…lol thank god for that. Turns out we were unaffected other than a shut down for that location. Thank god we didn’t loose any boxes….God to see you back. I rarely post but had to on this one….. Cheers


  2. I am sorry to read about the problems you have been having. But more important I hope the team are all safe and well.

  3. I too have issues through ForeFox. But really sorry for the problems with PayPal and Planet… just a c**p week for you then. I’ve had a few like that, so frustrating and time consuming…. computers hey? they’ll never catch on you know!

  4. I can’t find any contact info so I am writing this here. Since my accounts have gone back online, I can no longer view my data in Firefox. Did you do a site downgrade?

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Angela,

    Sorry to hear that you had continued difficulty. Everything should be working fine now. If not, please submit a ticket to us by logging into your StatCounter account and clicking the “support” link in the top menu bar. We will then be able to investigate further for you.


  5. Sorry to hear about the outage, and the reason! I was away over the weekend, without a connection, so I missed it all.

    This might be a silly suggestion, but for those whose visit stats are important for commercial and other reasons, would it be possible to fill in the missing day with, say, an average of the previous week? My own category is ‘other’ rather than ‘commercial’, so maybe not so important for the likes of me. Could be important for others though.

    Just a thought.


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