Outage Due to Explosion at The Planet Data Center

Hi all,

We will be updating the blog with full information concerning the recent outage as soon as possible.

In the meantime, updates are available in our forum.

Thanks to all our members for your patience, concern and understanding at this difficult time.

24 comments on “Outage Due to Explosion at The Planet Data Center

  1. i think the service you offer is excellant. i will upgrade my account this month. I am very sorry the here about the incident. i hope this will not effect us too much.

  2. Glad to see you back. However it is true and i completely agree that accidents do happen, outwith people’s control. Just like natural disasters

  3. a back up is a back up, without back up you are dead as we have seen.
    back up costs investments ,no investment no future
    investments means less profit.less profit means you got to work..
    So get yr ass up to work.

  4. I use Firefox and stats working fine for me. but hopefully this sort of event will not happen in the future.

    Just keep regular backups and home users the best way to keep backups is:

    1} Get yourself either an external or an internal hard drive with atleast 200GB of storage space.

    2} If internal then unless it can’t be helped then install it as a slave (2nd) drive. If external then just plug into USB.

    3} Then either back up to it or save to it initially.

    4} Then if your computer F**ks up then unplug external drive or unplug power plug only from internal drive.

    5} Then reinstall XP/Vista/Linux/OX 10+.

    6} Then reconnect the external hard drive or shut-down computer and reconnect power to internal drive, then start computer.

    7} Then it should be installed and work saved on it will be available for use.

    8} Also if external drive then can also be used with a laptop or a different computer.

    9} Also if using Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey then configure it on all computers to save profiles and cookies onto the external hard drive then when moved between computers of the same type eg: Windows/Linux/Mac then Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey will load as it did when you unplugged drive from last computer and if Thunderbird/Seamonkey then all downloaded emails will appear aswell as any RSS downloads.


  5. I was affected as well. I thought the whole statcounter was down but it seems that only part of it and the DNS servers were. I should have accessed it by IP I guess.

    Anyways, glad you guys are back up!

  6. A world of difference ….

    Every other bulletin from Planet bleated on about them “working through the night”. I know you guys worked through the night also, but how many times do you mention it in your announcements? None.

    You did a fantastic job …. now go get some sleep. 😉

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