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Hi all,

Twelve months ago, we made a strategic decision at StatCounter and decided to engage a PR agent.

Although we had grown to a membership base of over 1.5 million based on word-of-mouth alone, we felt that with the aid of some PR we would be able to grow and improve the service even further. We were very conscious, however, of retaining strict control over StatCounter and the associated ethos and messages. We are ever-so-aware that StatCounter is the great service it is today as a result of your loyalty and support; we could not countenance, therefore, working with anyone who would not share or understand our dedication and loyalty to our members.

So the quest began to find a PR agent…

In a wonderfully serendipitous manner, we came to meet Ronnie Simpson of Simpson Financial and Technology PR, whose beliefs in client loyalty and ethics mirror those of StatCounter. Ronnie and his team have helped to “spread the word” about StatCounter (in addition to providing invaluable advice and assistance in a variety of ways) while always bearing in mind the strong principles on which StatCounter is based. We simply couldn’t have wished for a better PR agent.

We are thrilled, therefore, to let you know that Simpson FTPR and StatCounter have been nominated for a PRCA (PR Consultants Association) award. While both the PR agent and the client are jointly nominated for the award, this nomination is really a recognition of the excellent work that Simpson FTPR has done on our behalf over the last year.

We want to wish Ronnie and his team (especially Mary, Kerri and Jacinta) all the best with the nomination! We are also delighted to have been invited to attend the black-tie ceremony on 26 June so photos will follow afterwards…

In the meantime, you can read Ronnie’s blog here; visit the Simpson FTPR website here; or find out more about the PRCA awards here.


Photos as promised!

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  1. Big congratulations–you’re one of two I cited as tops in a recent article at The Writer. In my forthcoming book as well. I can’t tell you how useful the information you provide to me is. I have an upgraded package, but even before that, the basic free pkg. was also useful. So again, thanks and I hope you win the top one! best, Kay B. Day

  2. ask anyone to name a counter for their website and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone name anything but statcounter! it really is the leader in the industry.

  3. Congratulations! It’s refreshing and heart-warming to see good people reaping awards for a change. Bravo to Ronnie, everyone at Simpson FTPR and StatCounter!

  4. Congratulations to Ronnie and the StatCounter team for being nominated for the PR Consultants Association award. It appears to be a perfect marriage !

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