Stout Performance by FF3

According to analysis conducted by us here at StatCounter, the Mozilla Firefox Guinness Book of Records attempt has been a major success in encouraging users to download Firefox 3.

Usage of Firefox 3 more than doubled between June 16th and 18th from 7.8% to 18.9%. Trend graphs are available here.

“The Firefox folks have certainly earned themselves a pint of Guinness,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “This is a major success in encouraging users to upgrade in a short period.”

We also found that the Guinness promotion seems to be having a generally positive effect on Firefox market share. The overall Firefox share of the browser market increased from 34.9% to 36% over the two day period while Internet Explorer fell slightly from 56.3% to 55.4%.

The StatCounter analysis was based on a sample of 55 million page views globally including 20 million US page views.


  1. I surf the net using IE and Firefox – IE (20%) and Firefox (80%). Firefox is better, but I need to check my new sites using IE too.

  2. Lookout both FF & IE…. here comes “Chrome” the new browser from Google. Aparently it’s open source, fast, & secure. I’m gonna check it out, if Chrome ends up being everything its been tooted, It’ll kill both IE and FF.

  3. I find the new Firefox to be much better than the previous ones as well as IE. The best feature for me is the domain suggest tool based on your history.

  4. Not a fan of Firefox here. I understand you gurus say it is not vulnerable and that stuff like IE but until I can look at a site and have it look the quality of IE…I don’t even want it on my computers. I have one computer with Firefox that I do a test on before launching a web site just to make sure nothing I scripted confused Firefox… Common guys they left out the header function in PHP in the last version I was using. Ridiculous!

    Anything can be a success with Google backing it.

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