Conversion Update!

Hi all,

We’d like to take this opportunity to update you about the conversion to the new SC4 system and also answer some queries that have arisen.

  • Do I need to install new code to use SC4?
    No! All existing StatCounter projects will be converted to SC4 so that all members will be able to enjoy the new features available.
  • I installed the beta code – what do I do about this?
    When your standard StatCounter code is converted to SC4, you can simply delete the old beta code on your site. This is because your standard StatCounter code will start to collect all the new stats previously only available with the beta code.
  • Why can’t I see download stats or exit links in my stats yet?
    Only one of our 40+ partitions has yet been converted to the new SC4 system. Once your partition is converted, then you will be able to enjoy the new stats!
  • What partitions have been converted so far?
    Partition 3 (c4) is the only partition to have been fully converted as at July 11, 2008. Updates about conversion of further partitions will be posted in the Service Status area of our forum.
  • But I want to see download stats/exit links NOW!!
    If you want to start tracking downloads or exit links immediately, then you could consider setting up a new project and adding a second lot of StatCounter code to your site. All new projects generated are automatically created on the new SC4 system. When your standard StatCounter code is converted to the new system, you can then simply delete the temporary code you added.
  • Why is conversion taking so long?!
    Converting a full partition takes approximately one week due to the volume of historical data which has to be processed. Conversion of the first partition took extra time as we had to tread carefully and heavily monitor the conversion to make sure that nothing untoward or unexpected happened.
    We are now in talks with a number of data centers in order to locate the best equipment, service level agreements and prices – continued conversion is postponed until we reach agreements with some of these third parties.
  • Is there anything that StatCounter members can do to help?
    We are already so grateful for the help we receive from so many of our members – your unfailing encouragement and support are invaluable. In addition though, if anyone can recommend and provide contact details for colocation or datacenters, we’d be delighted if you could post the information below!

59 comments on “Conversion Update!

  1. Wow! The new stats are fantastic. I didn’t know that I would find them so helpful. It’s easy to see if visitors are actually using the “read more about it” links that I provide for them, as well as what content they are downloading when available. Thank you for making an already useful tool even more amazing.

  2. One of the key factors in providing superior customer service is keeping the client informed………the StatCounter Team has done this time after time……thanks guys for keeing us up to date on the status of the conversion.

  3. Thanks for confirming i could use a second lot of code to track downloads until conversion. I done that and was worrying if i was breaking TOS.

    Thanks Statcounter

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