SC4 Update 2!

Hi all,

We want to thank you all SO much for your patience with the SC4 conversion! Believe us, we are working hard to get the conversion done asap – we are as excited about the new improvements as so many of YOU are and we just can’t wait to roll them out to all our members.

The Wait Won’t be THIS Long – We Promise!

The position at the moment is that 5 of the 47 StatCounter partitions are fully operational under the new SC4 system.

We have also narrowed the co-location providers down to a shortlist of four. We are now currently working to negotiate the final deal.

Some of the issues we are considering at the moment include:

  • Location – is California just too vulnerable to earthquakes to locate some of our hosting there? Is Ohio a safer destination from a natural disaster point of view?
  • Servers – shall we go with Dell, HP or Supermicro servers? Which servers are the best? Which allow the best remote management? Which have the least power comsumption?
  • Backup – there must be a second datacenter in each geographical location (in addition to globally dispersed backups) – how far from the original datacenter is sufficient for redundancy and how close is sufficient for efficiency?

We’re very lucky to count many talented IT professionals among our members, so if any of you would like to share your thoughts and opinions on the above, we’d love to hear from you. Please post your comments below.


  • Once we reach a final deal in relation to our hosting requirements, we will then begin conversion again, initially on a test basis, before full conversion will be completed.
  • Don’t forget that all NEW StatCounter projects created are automatically created on the SC4 system – if you want instant access to some of the new features before your existing projects are converted, you can simply set up a new, temporary project now!
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43 comments on “SC4 Update 2!

  1. Only happy that you are trying your best to get things done, and actually updating us on what going on is an absolute bonus that other organisations dont seem to grasp.

  2. Its great to see that the sc4 conversion is rolling in

    Here are my suggestions:

    Location – In cali there are earthquakes, in florida tornadoes…maybe you would consider NY or Texas

    Servers – with no doubt my suggestion is dell, their new blade servers pwn HP

    Backup – depends on connectivity i don’t think that within 0-100miles there will be a problem


  3. All good questions (and nice to hear about the progress too!).

    As far as answers goes, probably more than one good answer for each question, so not such a bad problem to have :). Here are my 2 cents:

    Location: California is probably not such a big concern (for earthquakes). Especially since it is not your only location. And connectivity to the rest of the world is probably as good as it gets (in terms of pairing and capacity)

    Server: I use mostly supermicro (I have some servers up since 2000 and still humming, even after 3 data centers moves), although you probably can’t go wrong with Dell, but you are going to pay for it, and I’m not sure the name is worth the difference.

    Backup: distance does not matter so much as good pairing. If your bandwidth provider has a direct fiber link between 2 datacenter, does it matter so much how far apart they are?

    Good luck!

  4. Then I must propose Mexico! we have a brand new datacenter here at Queretaro, more than 200K sq ft., excellent facilities (Triara says power plants are capable of providing electric supply to this 1 million population city)… and also we don’t have earthquakes.


  5. The position at the moment is that 5 of the 47 StatCounter partitions are fully operational under the new SC4 system???

    How long do you think it going to finish?
    How big is statcounter?

    Did you know here is Portugal, is safe here maybe to expensive for you…

    The sun is free…

  6. Ohio, great choice! I’m in Cincinnati and could hook you up with some companies –i’ve used before– if you want.

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