Cuil – One to Watch

According to research conducted this week by us here at StatCounter, the new search engine Cuil is one to watch.

Cuil, launched on Monday July 28th, could be a significant rival to Google. After just one day, Cuil accounted for 1 in every 1000 searches done on Tuesday.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder of StatCounter said, “This is phenomenal when you consider that Altavista, a search engine founded in 1995, accounted for just 6 in 10,000 searches.”

Cullen continued, “We monitor over 100 search engines and Cuil was in the top ten in US, UK and Ireland. When you consider that over 90 other search engines (e.g. go, excite,, lycos) combined accounted for just 1.54% of searches on Tuesday – Cuil with its 0.1% share on the market inside 24 hours is doing extremely well.”

On Tuesday Cuil accounted for:

  • 1 in 1,000 searches globally and in the US
  • 1 in 500 searches in the UK
  • 1 in every 400 searches in Ireland

Note: This information is based on a sample of over 25 million page views globally.

Press queries to StatCounter PR Agency:
Mary O’Brien/Jacinta Ryan – Simpson FTPR

UPDATE – 3 August 2008
Thanks for all the comments and interest so far folks!

It does appear that Cuil is having some “teething troubles”, but hopefully they will manage to work these out soon. It’s a brand new search engine – let’s give it a chance!

Some of you have mentioned how the high traffic that Cuil has received is as a result of an impressive PR and marketing campaign. We agree! Regardless of the reason, however, we believe that interest in Cuil has been unexpectedly high. Of course, we have to wait and see how the engine performs in the future, but the stats so far have been interesting anyway. Without initial stats, how could we compare how Cuil fares in the weeks and months ahead?

In our opinion, and for a variety of reasons, Cuil remains “one to watch” – whether we will be watching a meteoric rise or a slow descent remains to be seen… Further to some of your suggestions, though, we would be delighted to update you with more stats on how Cuil is doing in the coming weeks – we’ll keep you posted! 😉

64 comments on “Cuil – One to Watch

  1. Could anyone explain what’s the point of showing irrelevant images in the Cuil search results? They are not even taken from the resulting sites!
    It’s just absurd, you find the web site of a hotel, and they display an image of another hotel.

  2. I dont feel that google has much to worry about IMO. First of all the name doesnt really stick in your head CUIL CIUL COIL??? where as the google term is know a household name as in if you dont know some thing you google it. The next thing i noticed was that the search results were not particuly pleasing to the eye, I tried to look at them from a none bias view but it just doesnt sit right (again in my opinion).

  3. Also, also, the search box doesn’t let you autocomplete because of its suggested terms software kicking in, the main page is black, but takes you to an all white search page, which is awful on the eyes, and when reading the results I have to go left to right AND top to bottom.

    Which one is more relevant? The one at the middle of the first column, or at the end of the top row?

  4. Yeah, I typed in my site address and got nothing, but couldn’t see a way to submit my URL other than e-mailing them the address!

    The hits will go down after the news dies off. I’m guessing if they have StatCounter installed there won’t be many ‘returning visitors’

  5. It’s the result of initial cheap promotion steps they followed. Google Killer, Next Google or 3 times bigger than Google search engine.

    Lets wait and see how long it runs. search CNET Japan and it gives some blog on first result. Search anything, irrelevant images comes with results. Biggest search engine and many websites are not there in search index. Holy crap. 🙂

  6. The reason why it’s getting so many hits is because it was announced on the news this week. As soon as I heard the news, I checked it out. I’m not the least bit impressed.

    I did a test and typed in “Sherri Meyer Photography” and this is what I got One of the results that came up was a write-up about my site, with someone else’s name and photo.

    To top that off, I have heard worse stories!

  7. It’s AWFUL — it can’t even index itself. What I want to know is who the PR firm is that’s handling this account. It’s like the Segway of search engines.

  8. Not sure why the statcounter development team would even mention as one to look out for. We all know that they received that must traffic because of the media attention. However, I won’t use it. I tried it and the results are terriable. Plus the layout isn’t favorable either.

    Who cares who has a larger index of sites between google and cuil. At the end of the day its not about the amount of index of sites; its about the search results!

    They have a lot of work to do with all that money they have!

  9. The search result suck! I searched for my site which does well in google and the only sites that came up were ones that copied post from my site. The only reason I went to cuil is because people told me it was the next best search engine but i was very disappointed.

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