Cuil – One to Watch

According to research conducted this week by us here at StatCounter, the new search engine Cuil is one to watch.

Cuil, launched on Monday July 28th, could be a significant rival to Google. After just one day, Cuil accounted for 1 in every 1000 searches done on Tuesday.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder of StatCounter said, “This is phenomenal when you consider that Altavista, a search engine founded in 1995, accounted for just 6 in 10,000 searches.”

Cullen continued, “We monitor over 100 search engines and Cuil was in the top ten in US, UK and Ireland. When you consider that over 90 other search engines (e.g. go, excite,, lycos) combined accounted for just 1.54% of searches on Tuesday – Cuil with its 0.1% share on the market inside 24 hours is doing extremely well.”

On Tuesday Cuil accounted for:

  • 1 in 1,000 searches globally and in the US
  • 1 in 500 searches in the UK
  • 1 in every 400 searches in Ireland

Note: This information is based on a sample of over 25 million page views globally.

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Mary O’Brien/Jacinta Ryan – Simpson FTPR

UPDATE – 3 August 2008
Thanks for all the comments and interest so far folks!

It does appear that Cuil is having some “teething troubles”, but hopefully they will manage to work these out soon. It’s a brand new search engine – let’s give it a chance!

Some of you have mentioned how the high traffic that Cuil has received is as a result of an impressive PR and marketing campaign. We agree! Regardless of the reason, however, we believe that interest in Cuil has been unexpectedly high. Of course, we have to wait and see how the engine performs in the future, but the stats so far have been interesting anyway. Without initial stats, how could we compare how Cuil fares in the weeks and months ahead?

In our opinion, and for a variety of reasons, Cuil remains “one to watch” – whether we will be watching a meteoric rise or a slow descent remains to be seen… Further to some of your suggestions, though, we would be delighted to update you with more stats on how Cuil is doing in the coming weeks – we’ll keep you posted! 😉


  1. Good post guys. Now we have to learn how this new search engine works, and figure out what are cuil’s Algo Factors…. who knows, maybe 10 months down the road clients start coming up to us and ask us to get them on the first page of CUIL

  2. Its always good to see other people thinking like me. Thanks

  3. Google is the better than Cuil, in the sense, it is easier to navigate through the search engine results, hence simpler. The grid view doesn’t suit me.

  4. I don’t like the layout of their search results at all. Guess I’m just used to Google. Not to mention, Google comes up with more results base on the searches I did.

  5. my site display in the fist page on google and yahoo on my keyword, but display none in cuil. hope it will better in the future..
    keep up the good work

  6. I agree with archshrk, the search results it displays are shocking. The searches i’ve performed on it came back with next to unhelpful results

  7. Results from this new search engine have been terrible for keywords our site visitors use in google, yahoo and msn
    I have now taken some of the factors that the number 1 ranking site on c u i l uses in its page design and made a dummy page just to see if it gets listed and ranked high by them
    (could be dodgy and drop the rankings on other search sites but I’ve put the page in a directory disallowed in the robots.txt file so hopefully not)
    Theres also a graphic to see if that turns up, as any results for our site never seem to have relevant images when they do appear in the results.

    p.s. any dramatic changes in stats for c u i l searches yet?

  8. I believe that a new search engine can beat Google, Yahoo, Msn and the rest…
    Just need a good idea to beat the monsters….
    But this CUILL is a really bad idea….


  9. But see now all of your statistics are flawed because you are now starting to advertize the site even more 😛 haha I know that after I read this post I wanted to go and make some searches. Just to see how well it worked but not because I actually needed to use it.

  10. Cuil searches are not comparable to GOOGLE in any way or form. GOOGLE is an 800 lb gorilla in the room, it will be hard to kill the beast. CUILL is just another gun slinging stranger in the town, trying to make an impression.

  11. This is certainly very interesting news. I thought Cuil would be just another ‘new’ search engine that simply exists.

  12. (quote from Sheila Street)
    >”Here’s hoping they do respect the robots.txt files, as I post private web-pages for certain clients with specific instructions for the robots to ignore them.”
    (end quote)

    No web page can be considered “private” unless it is protected by a strong password. The “robots” file is not universally honored and cannot be counted on.

  13. I dunno why the heck cuil is so hyped out…
    its just a normal search engine with abnormally idiotic results.
    Search engines come and go and cuil is the one which will definetely go… into the garbage…
    About being compared to google…
    google’s already embedded into browsers, softwares…
    that weather we wish to use it or not… it is used…
    it’s the most used homepage after msn.
    And cuil gonna die in **** after sometime.



  14. okay. I just tried cuil to do some searches and found most of them are useless comparing with Google. Google search results are much better than cuil. How do you say cuil could be rival to Google :rolleyes:

  15. I admire the structure and dedication that has gone into the creation of Cuil….I work for a mouse ( The Mouse ) in central Florida and these posts remind of some of the gutless meetings I am forced to attend. I searched and it displayed my site with great ease and I am sure Cuil will be a leader and contender in the long run. I have a very limited knowledge of HTML and cannot run with the big dogs, but I know when something is headed down the right path…
    Quite frankly, I am very concerend with Google and Yahoo among others always wanting to attach their tool bars to my desktop display.

  16. Will see just like anything else. It looks like a great service, but time will tell.

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