Chrome Grabs 1% in One Day!

According to research conducted by us here at StatCounter, Google’s new browser, Chrome, has taken 1% of the global browser market within a day of launch.

Google’s unusual step of publicising the Chrome browser on its notoriously clutter-free homepage is an indication of the plans that Google has for this browser…

“This is a phenomenal performance,” commented Aodhan Cullen, “this is war on Microsoft but the big loser could be Firefox.”

While Google may have the Internet Explorer market share in its sights, the fact that many Firefox users are more “mobile” as far as browser use is concerned, may impact on the current Firefox market share.

Note: The StatCounter analysis was conducted today, Wednesday, 03 September 2008, and was based on a sample of 18.5 million page views globally. The analysis identified that Internet Explorer holds 70% of the global browser market followed by Firefox with 22%.

121 comments on “Chrome Grabs 1% in One Day!

  1. Tested it and uninstalled it. Nothing excited at all.

    It is a definitely indicator that Google already stepped into its middle-age stage and lost its vision and passion as pioneer in innovation.

    Google is not supposed to waste talent and time to repeat others without any innovation. Those resources should be put into their core business to bring the search engine up to another level.

    Google search engine is good but far from perfect. We need semantic search, natural language search, image search, video search and more.

    As web developers, we actually hate new browser. It means we need extra work to make our web application compatible with new browser.

    Sorry, Google. You are barking up the wrong tree.

  2. Tried Chrome immediately, and I really like it. Very nice minimal design.
    Some advanced settings are still missing in the beta… but wow, I’m impressed. And no problems hare opening StatCounter in Chrome

  3. I also tried Chrome. My veredict? Although it is still in Beta, it doesn’t look very promising. I just felt it a bad imitation of Opera.

    IMHO, the ranking of browsers is Opera > Safari > Firefox > Chrome > IE, and unlikely to change for a while.

  4. To Susan: i had no problem with chrome and stat counter… here i am, seeing my stats and making a comment…

    “One BIG problem, I could not log on to Statcounter. I had similar problem with Firefox initially and eventually found the work around by “allowing” the web URL my3.statcounter or whatever. Have not figured it out in Chrome yet so still use Firefox to get my stats.”

  5. I was using Chrome to get to Statcounter and read the blog, I posted my comment – above – but when I sent it I got an error message from Chrome. I opened Firefox to re do the comment and see it is already posted – and your typo is fixed too – very quirky.

  6. I tried Chrome as soon as it was available for download. I did not like it. I found the interface to be very ugly. And it didn’t seem to do anything that Firefox doesn’t do as well or better. I have uninstalled Chrome.

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