Chrome – Who’s Losing?

Hi folks,

Here are the Global Browser Market Share stats for the last few days.

Looking at these numbers we can begin to identify which browsers are losing market share to Chrome.

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28 68.17% 24.66% 2.83% N/A 4.33%
Aug 29 67.81% 24.78% 2.84% N/A 4.57%
Aug 30 65.41% 26.38% 3.04% N/A 5.17%
Aug 31 64.49% 26.91% 3.06% N/A 5.56%
Sep 01 66.92% 25.26% 2.99% N/A 4.84%
Sep 02* 67.58% 24.36% 2.91% N/A 5.06%
Sep 03 67.81% 23.54% 2.70% 1.11% 4.87%
Sep 04 70.87% 21.26% 2.48% 1.15% 4.25%

The below table outlines the changes in market share over the period:

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28
Aug 29 (0.36%) +0.12% +0.01% N/A +0.24%
Aug 30 (2.40%) +1.60% +0.20% N/A +0.60%
Aug 31 (0.92%) +0.53% +0.02% N/A +0.39%
Sep 01 +2.43% (1.65%) (0.07%) N/A (0.72%)
Sep 02* +0.66% (0.90%) (0.08%) N/A +0.22%
Sep 03 +0.23% (0.82%) (0.21%) +1.11% (0.19%)
Sep 04 +3.06% (2.28%) (0.22%) +0.04% (0.62%)

*The Chrome browser was launched late in the day GMT time on Sept 2nd so the first full day of tracking for Chrome is Sept 3rd.

This information is based on a total sample for the period of over 250 million page views globally. All daily stats are based on 24 hour periods, bar the stats for today, September 4th, which are based on a 12 hour sample to 12noon GMT.

Update September 5, 2008, 4.30pm GMT

Further to several requests from journalists, the latest stats for Global Browser Market Share (up to 3pm GMT today) are available for download here:
Excel Version (.xls)
PDF Version (.pdf)

143 comments on “Chrome – Who’s Losing?

  1. I still use Firefox mainly because it is my default and I can’t see much uniqueness in Googles Browser so far. They say it will crash less but Firefox is not too bad. I found IE6 to be a real memory hog and IE7 over developed and not nice to use. I must try Chrome again soon for comparison!

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  3. I also think that the fluctuations are very real. More kids are back in school, teachers, etc. Many of these places have the standard windows browser because these people do not have admin privileges so they are forced to use IE. That is the main reason behind it being still so popular.

    Some people have both IE and a Mozilla so they use different ones… some applications only open previews in IE even when Mozilla is the default browser so they have to be ahead, plus people who have no idea anything else exists and new PC owners.

    IE already has an unfair advantage. I think the PC manufacturers need to start installing other browsers on systems, sure would be more useful than the 30-day trial antiviruses.

  4. There’s no significance to these numbers other than to say that Firefox users are more engaged with what’s happening on line and are more willing to try new things. I use Firefox, and I’ve tried tons of different browsers, including Chrome on the 3rd. Chrome has it’s good points, but for now I’m sticking with Firefox.

  5. I find it very alarming that people think this is an attack on any browser. Chrome is very good, for something that is just in its initial stages.

    It is pretty fast and I love the fact that it does not have that silly windowsey title bar. Yay!

    What I find difficult is applications and plug-ins like java and flash, etc. Some features on facebook will not work with Chrome but I guess as time goes on the developers will realise and work on it.

    Looking forward!

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