Chrome – Who’s Losing?

Hi folks,

Here are the Global Browser Market Share stats for the last few days.

Looking at these numbers we can begin to identify which browsers are losing market share to Chrome.

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28 68.17% 24.66% 2.83% N/A 4.33%
Aug 29 67.81% 24.78% 2.84% N/A 4.57%
Aug 30 65.41% 26.38% 3.04% N/A 5.17%
Aug 31 64.49% 26.91% 3.06% N/A 5.56%
Sep 01 66.92% 25.26% 2.99% N/A 4.84%
Sep 02* 67.58% 24.36% 2.91% N/A 5.06%
Sep 03 67.81% 23.54% 2.70% 1.11% 4.87%
Sep 04 70.87% 21.26% 2.48% 1.15% 4.25%

The below table outlines the changes in market share over the period:

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28
Aug 29 (0.36%) +0.12% +0.01% N/A +0.24%
Aug 30 (2.40%) +1.60% +0.20% N/A +0.60%
Aug 31 (0.92%) +0.53% +0.02% N/A +0.39%
Sep 01 +2.43% (1.65%) (0.07%) N/A (0.72%)
Sep 02* +0.66% (0.90%) (0.08%) N/A +0.22%
Sep 03 +0.23% (0.82%) (0.21%) +1.11% (0.19%)
Sep 04 +3.06% (2.28%) (0.22%) +0.04% (0.62%)

*The Chrome browser was launched late in the day GMT time on Sept 2nd so the first full day of tracking for Chrome is Sept 3rd.

This information is based on a total sample for the period of over 250 million page views globally. All daily stats are based on 24 hour periods, bar the stats for today, September 4th, which are based on a 12 hour sample to 12noon GMT.

Update September 5, 2008, 4.30pm GMT

Further to several requests from journalists, the latest stats for Global Browser Market Share (up to 3pm GMT today) are available for download here:
Excel Version (.xls)
PDF Version (.pdf)


  1. Call me a pessimist. I really think Google is becoming to powerful and eventually it may give them the power to control the Internet at will if it’s not happening already. If you take corporate greed into consideration I don’t think it’s a good thing. If I read privacy articles about Google then I get an even worse picture of the situation.

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  3. The support of Java and the implementation of JS 8 will put Chrome on the charts incredibly fast. Check the benchmark results between Google Chrome, IE, Firefox & Safari below. Not really a wonder specific browser fall back in marketshare.
    Really amazing perfomance increase realised by Chrome if you compare executing javascripting in other browsers. GoGoGo Chrome.. all the way to the top like the search engine & adsense….. We already bought a couple of new google options & stocks πŸ™‚

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  5. It suits the likes of us because of the predictive text, you type in canvas and get the options, we’ll have more of that please Google…

  6. I am pretty sure that the number of people using Chrome will really increase over the coming months due to the exposure that it will get from Google, both on their home pages, as well as through Adsense – I have noticed a huge number of Google Ads for Chrome.

    However, I think it will take a lot more than a few months before people who are currently testing Chrome will make the switch and use it as their default browser. Its a nice alternative to both IE and FF but until it comes out of Beta, I don’t think it will have the necessary impact to shake things up in the browser world.

  7. I like Opera, and I liked Firefox until its most recent version, which is absolutely awful on account of the search bar. I can now see only half the sites I used to see when I click on the small down arrow, and I see a lot of crap (e.g. company slogans and logos) that doesn’t belong in a search bar. Terrible–and no wonder Firefox’s share went down while Chrome’s went up. If Firefox doesn’t fix it, I will uninstall the program from my computer.

    On another note: I’d trust Microsoft with my data before I’d trust Google. It’s not that I hate Google–a personalized iGoogle page is my home page–it’s just that, well, I don’t really trust it.

  8. To fight malware and phishing attempts, Chrome is constantly downloading lists of harmful sites. Google also promises that whatever runs in a tab is sandboxed so that it won’t affect your machine and can be safely closed. Plugins the user installed may escape this security model, Google admits.

  9. Another explanation for the recent uptick in IE8 usage: most of the publicity being given to Chrome also mentions IE8 somewhere in it.

    Personally, I didn’t even know there was an update to IE7 until I read an article comparing IE8 to Chrome. So I downloaded both to try them out. Chrome loads pages much faster on my computer than IE.

  10. Good post.
    Great way to look at the data.
    you should keep us updated.

    This data comes from all the stats on StatCounter site correct? I mean across all your users’ data.

  11. Please post another update in a couple weeks…this is really interesting to see the introduction of Chrome and how it will fit in.

  12. Chrome is a very little child… And mother google will be certainly able to let it grow very well and quickly too. Opera? Uhm…

  13. As you people say, firefox is good. . . . But chrome is not built wit any features, just a blank page. . . , when all the browsers are compared with Opera, . . . . Huh . . Wat 2 say. . . . Its impossible for any web developer 2 imagine its features, . . . . . . . . . . . . . I never switch 2 any from 0pera, coz its simply fully loaded! My pc , laptop , palmtop . . . All are runnin opera! . . . Thanx Opera

  14. …And I’m surprise that so many technical people are still using Firefox 3.0 instead of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2!
    I’ve tried many times Firefox since it’s borning day to find every time that the loading of images is much more slower than with Explorer, and many internet pages are not well displayed by this “Pascal” browser.
    Instead the “Basic” Explorer browsser gives less and less problems.

    But, as you will certainly say, I’m not technical enought…
    Also if many of you were not already born when I was testing and contributing to the writing of MC-Link BBS (now in 1985…

    So, in my opinion, Chrome will have large success.

    For a simple reason. It will like to normal people thay are very glad to use simple TV remote controls. But, as I’ve already seen, it is able to compete with the other browser in any region of it’s working.

    And, most important, “it’s very much faster”.

    Good luck guys…!

  15. I don’t think this data is statistically significant because the day to day variance in IE and FF users is as high as 2.4%.

    But it does lend a clue as to what is happening. Keep up the reporting. It’s fascinating!

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  17. As an advertiser I’m baffled by it as once users have built up their database of regular websites visited they will be less likely to browse for other similar ones when looking to buy anything.
    Therefore adsense revenue will surely drop substantially for Google if Chrome became a huge success?

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  19. It may be a little early to be looking at the statistics……..I would like to see the numbers after a solid 6 month period in order to make a judgement call on the browser wars.

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