Chrome – Who’s Losing?

Hi folks,

Here are the Global Browser Market Share stats for the last few days.

Looking at these numbers we can begin to identify which browsers are losing market share to Chrome.

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28 68.17% 24.66% 2.83% N/A 4.33%
Aug 29 67.81% 24.78% 2.84% N/A 4.57%
Aug 30 65.41% 26.38% 3.04% N/A 5.17%
Aug 31 64.49% 26.91% 3.06% N/A 5.56%
Sep 01 66.92% 25.26% 2.99% N/A 4.84%
Sep 02* 67.58% 24.36% 2.91% N/A 5.06%
Sep 03 67.81% 23.54% 2.70% 1.11% 4.87%
Sep 04 70.87% 21.26% 2.48% 1.15% 4.25%

The below table outlines the changes in market share over the period:

IE FireFox Safari Chrome Other
Aug 28
Aug 29 (0.36%) +0.12% +0.01% N/A +0.24%
Aug 30 (2.40%) +1.60% +0.20% N/A +0.60%
Aug 31 (0.92%) +0.53% +0.02% N/A +0.39%
Sep 01 +2.43% (1.65%) (0.07%) N/A (0.72%)
Sep 02* +0.66% (0.90%) (0.08%) N/A +0.22%
Sep 03 +0.23% (0.82%) (0.21%) +1.11% (0.19%)
Sep 04 +3.06% (2.28%) (0.22%) +0.04% (0.62%)

*The Chrome browser was launched late in the day GMT time on Sept 2nd so the first full day of tracking for Chrome is Sept 3rd.

This information is based on a total sample for the period of over 250 million page views globally. All daily stats are based on 24 hour periods, bar the stats for today, September 4th, which are based on a 12 hour sample to 12noon GMT.

Update September 5, 2008, 4.30pm GMT

Further to several requests from journalists, the latest stats for Global Browser Market Share (up to 3pm GMT today) are available for download here:
Excel Version (.xls)
PDF Version (.pdf)

143 comments on “Chrome – Who’s Losing?

  1. My concern with Chrome and IE8 is that they’re still both Beta’s. It’s enough fun trying to design new websites which will function and especially maintain their appearance in the released versions of IE and Firefox. Now we have Chrome to deal with also in Beta, and when all the user-designed plugins start showing up, it’s going to complicate matters further.

    Once both are in full release and the market share starts to become apparent, I’ll pay attention to the top two. It will be interesting to see who those turn out to be.

    And like someone else noted, I’m not real comfortable with Google’s rising importance. I read an article a few weeks ago where someone had all his apps, blog, and mail on Google…and one day they vanished. Google didn’t even respond to him. Google is also too quick to release even Beta products without really vetting them. I just don’t trust them…and yes I use gmail and blogspot. For now.

  2. What you want to do is wait for the Chrome Plug in for ROBOFORM. THEN you WILL See then numbers jump like crazy.

    I myself have tried chrome and like it’s speed but it needs a bit more functionality and of course a roboform plug-in.

  3. After only 2 days the new browser from Google already reached a market share of 1 percent according to reports from Marketh Share and stat counter the new fast webbrowser from the search engine giant has started a strong upwards marching process against it’s competitors. Strange is that the first victim in this new browser war isn’t it’s biggest competitor internet explorer which holds a market share of over 80%

  4. The lack of multiple options and ‘complex’ user interface makes chrome a good candidate for IE`s target audience, but.. that audience usually doesn´t change browsers so the succes of chrome will be linked with google´s search engine marketing capacity to persuade them.

  5. I’m no techie, but I downloaded Chrome this morning, and I am loving it. It’s way faster than IE and FF on my PC. All of the pages I’ve visited load far more quickly. I agree that I am anxious for my add-ons and plug-ins, but I know those will come with time. I was extremely disappointed in FF 3.0 as once I opened multiple tabs, it ground to a halt. IE7 wasn’t much better and was basically a bad copy of FF, IMO. I’m all for whoever can give me the best browser, and right now, I think Chrome is on its way up.

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