Happy Holidays!

As usual, StatCounter is not sending Christmas cards but is, instead, making some charitable donations. See below for more information on the charities we are supporting this year.


Our donation to UNICEF will be put towards providing bikes to help health care workers reach children in remote villages, vaccines to protect children from measles, blankets to bring comfort and warmth to families and children caught in emergency situations plus other items.

Concern Worldwide
We’ve made a donation to Concern to provide water filters, mosquito nets, chickens, HIV counseling, small business loans and other items to those in need.

The Trocaire donation will be used to provide school lunches every day for a year to a number of children, seeds and tools to vulnerable households and goats to offer families a source of milk, food and trade.

In the West African country of Togo, girls often miss out on education. The donation we made to Plan will be put towards the “Girl Friendly Schools Project” – this is designed to make schools more accessible to girls by the provision of separate girls’ toilet and washing facilities and community child-minding facilities to relieve girls from child-minding duties.

37 comments on “Happy Holidays!

  1. You guys are doing a really fantastic job here at Statcounter and it’s indeed a wonderful feeling knowing it helps. This is wishing you all a fantastic new year and more features added to the tool. Keep it going.

  2. UNICEF ROCKS! Way to go! If we ever want to settle civil unrest we’ve got to start with the kids. My corporate gifts were to heifer.com. They help developing world families to support themselves by giving them livestock to raise. I bought bees on behalf of my clients. I figured that it did double good–helped with the world bee crisis, helped pollinate crops and helped to put food on someone’s table.

    Each of us can reach out in so many ways that have huge ripples for other people. Thanks Stat Counter for stepping up.

  3. I missed Christmas with you guys, so here is a Happy News Year to all the staff at StatCounter and thank you for all the good advice received here in this blog. Hopefully I will be here for another year to enjoy the writings here. Take care all

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