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Hi folks,

Our Mission…globe
At StatCounter, it’s our mission to help webmasters, bloggers and other interested parties to grow and improve their websites, blogs and online businesses.

While we already have members in over 200 countries worldwide, we want to reach out to an even wider audience…

To achieve this, we have been working on translating StatCounter. This means that many current members will soon be able to access StatCounter in their native languages AND we will also be able to reach many non-English speakers for the very first time!


Going Hungarian…
This is why we are delighted to announce that StatCounter is now available in Hungarian! The Hungarian translation of StatCounter acted as a “trial” for us and allowed us to set up all the systems required to translate the site into numerous other languages.

Going Global…
Now… we need YOUR help. We are looking for volunteers to help us translate the site into other languages. Volunteer translators must be native speakers of a non-English language but also have strong English skills.

What Languages?
This is entirely up to you, our members! Translations will be prioritized based on the demand for the different languages… so let us know your preferences!

If you would like to volunteer to help with this project, then please accept our sincere thanks. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for considering this request and for your support for StatCounter.
To get started, you must open a StatCounter Translator Account. You’ll find out further information by clicking the link below:

Join the StatCounter Translation Team!

For administrative reasons, the number of translators per language will be capped. This may mean that we will be unable to accept everyone who volunteers to help with this project or, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary to suspend/close some Translator Accounts. Please accept our sincere apologies if we are unable to accept your offer of assistance at this time and we thank you in advance for your understanding in this regard.

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments or feedback below. Thanks!


  1. If you read my blog, or even a small part of it, you would understand that I can’t take the time to get involved with technology. But that said, I would like to take this opportunity to to say a huge thanks for the services provided. As time unfolds what you have facilitated even only from myself will be much appeciated, and there must be others with equally as much to offer, instantly, and all over the world.

  2. Hi I started to translate some stuff (the easy things 🙂 ) in german and I have a remark. In german exists two possibilities to adress somebody. The polite form (you=Sie) and the “friendly relation one” (you=du). I guess there’s no word in english for the “friendly form” because it doesn’t exist.
    Maybe the easiest way to explain the difference, or let’s say how to choose one of these forms is this example:

    – Usually if you adress somebody with the surname, you also use the polite form.
    – If you adress somebody with the first name, you’re using the “friendly form”

    It would be good if the StatCounter tells the translater if they should use the polite form “…if you (Mr. Brown) want to…” or the “friendly form” “…if you (Bobby) want to…”, because at the moment there are both forms (Sie/Du) mixed and that’s a no go. The one or the other.

    Hope I was able to explain this little big difference in the german language.

    btw: a funny story by Boris Becker (former german tennis-pro). He gave an interview and he wanted to offer to the interviewer, that he can call him Boris instead of Mr. Becker. So he told: “you can say you to me”. Of course the interviewer had no Idea what Mr. Becker tried to say 🙂

  3. I hope it will be avalaible in spanish of Spain.

    Buena idea!

  4. Great news! But I have one concern. In many countries law requires that IP addresses are not *stored* in full so that tracing back to a specific computer is not possible. Therfore many statistic tools store IP addresses in a truncated way, say removing the numbers after the last dot (.). This is required e.g. in Germany where I live (and use your counter somehow “not legally” – but it is fitting my needs so well that i do it). So please, if you go global, think about hiding the full IP addresses. Greetings from Munich, Helmut

  5. Join to translate English into Indonesian language vice verse – is part of my past activities. But now, I think that I would rather choose the best one to exchange the benefits between the two side of us.

  6. Your services are great, please add how is on feature also add URDU language. I can help you guys in translating statcounter to urdu.


  7. Congratulations and all the best! I would like to thank Statcounter for their service

  8. Thanks for your info. StatCounter in Bahasa Indonesia will very much appreciated. Indonesia have more than 200 million inhabittan. I hope these facts become a point to be your consideration. Thanks once more.

  9. thanks guys I LOVE YOU ,hei You, mean stat counter team are the best ever,and your product are really help me so much,no money or pearl could ever replace what you have done to me and my blog.thousand oh no, million thanks to you and your team.

  10. Thanks for this great service and i use for my site and it is just great to see the visitors from all over the world.

    I would love to participate in translating into Korean and please let me know if your need help!


  11. nothing new guys… just the regular pat on your back !!!

    great work
    Godspeed !!

  12. But why doyou have to send me three identical emails for this announcement? That was annoying!

  13. Thank you!
    Thanks for your FANTASTIC work, mates. Your counter is the best!!
    Do you think about website hosting and domain registration. Or, free domain, free hosting.

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