FF3 Gains Ground on IE

Mozilla Firefox 3 overtook Microsoft’s Internet logosExplorer 6 for the first time in February in the Internet Browser Wars according to monthly data from StatCounter Global Stats – our new free analysis tool.

Internet Explorer 7 continues to lead globally with 41% market share. However, Firefox 3 is now in second place with 24% replacing IE 6.


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“Since its launch less than a year ago, Firefox 3 has attained nearly one quarter of the global market,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder, StatCounter. “IE 7 is consistently holding about 40% of the global market but IE 6 has fallen from 28% in July last to 22% in February this year.”**

The growth in usage of Firefox 3 can be partly attributed to users upgrading to the new version – Firefox 2 market share has fallen from 16% to 3% in the period.

Microsoft’s combined IE 7 and IE 6 market share has fallen from 68% in July last year to 63% now. IE 8 has gained a toehold in the market of just over 1%. Firefox 3 and 2 has grown from 25% in July last to 27% in February 2009.

** Source: Figures based on monthly StatCounter Global Stats analysis.


  1. Well, IE is on the top still.
    EI 6 is old now and I think it will die soon.

  2. Wow great tool, I like to see how many users are using, search engines, browsers, and operating systems, i think the most useful is the search engine global stats!

  3. Well, I think IE6 is losing ground mainly because it is getting really old. Some newer CSS styles and javascript functions don’t really work well if not at all, when viewed with IE6. IE7 is OK and IE8 is coming up, rendering IE6 obsolete. But if FF beats IE7, then that’s something.

  4. I didn’t even know about opera, that is great thanks alot.

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  6. I agree Andrew,

    Microsoft has to count with outsiders nows and especially those coming from the Linux world.
    Personaly, when I can use an open source product instead a Microsoft product I do it and guess what? It’s often better than the commercial one.
    That’s like StatCounter.com 🙂 why do you want to pay another company when they offer a free awesome tool?

    Keep up the good work,

  7. Well honestly, the only people still using IE6 are non-techies who don’t know what they’re doing so they keep the default browser. I’m saying this because IE6 is a terrible browser with no support for tabs even.

    IE7 is much improved though, kudos to Microsoft for taking notice of Firefox and copying the good ideas 😛

  8. How we can check our blog traffic, if i choose invisable counter option.
    Please tell me.

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