FF3 Gains Ground on IE

Mozilla Firefox 3 overtook Microsoft’s Internet logosExplorer 6 for the first time in February in the Internet Browser Wars according to monthly data from StatCounter Global Stats – our new free analysis tool.

Internet Explorer 7 continues to lead globally with 41% market share. However, Firefox 3 is now in second place with 24% replacing IE 6.


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“Since its launch less than a year ago, Firefox 3 has attained nearly one quarter of the global market,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder, StatCounter. “IE 7 is consistently holding about 40% of the global market but IE 6 has fallen from 28% in July last to 22% in February this year.”**

The growth in usage of Firefox 3 can be partly attributed to users upgrading to the new version – Firefox 2 market share has fallen from 16% to 3% in the period.

Microsoft’s combined IE 7 and IE 6 market share has fallen from 68% in July last year to 63% now. IE 8 has gained a toehold in the market of just over 1%. Firefox 3 and 2 has grown from 25% in July last to 27% in February 2009.

** Source: Figures based on monthly StatCounter Global Stats analysis.


  1. good to see the microsoft monopoly end soon… i think this is the first time microsoft wasn’t able to stop someone overtaking it, using its dirty tricks…

  2. good to see the microsoft monopoly end soon… i think this is the first time microsoft wasn’t able to stop someone overtaking it, using its dirty tricks…

    [for some reason, i don’t see my posts update]

  3. It is interesting to see Firefox gaining grounds in the wars of the browsers.

    Cheers to the FF team and thanks for Aodhan for these stats.

  4. FF3 is on the rise. But, where is Chrome in all this?
    I see chrome coming up gradually to take its place among the browsers of choice.
    Or, what do you think?

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  6. Even in our testing labs we use firefox and with little tweaks we can even change the rendering engine and test the cross browser compatibility.. FF3 have grown a lot from the ff2 and i think days looks prospective for FF than IE.

  7. yeah… microsoft internet explorer is really on top ‘coz they’re pioneer on this matter..

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  9. IE is fine for the normal users as Karin H. said in an earlier comment because those normal users just connect and surf and this is normaly via a PC with Windows + IE.

    I don’t mean that other browsers are for abnormal users 😛 however they are essential for those have other activities than just surfing.

    For Me, my favorite in the 1990s was Netscape. Nowadays, Mozilla FirFox is no. 1, Opera is no.2 , and Google Chrome is no.3 whereas IE is just for checking compatibilty of my blog/websites because the end user still use it.

  10. I like Firefox better, except for graphics. I feel it lacks the same graphic quality that IE7 has. I don’t use IE6. I also believe that Chrome has less graphical quality than IE7, although I like using Chrome the most, as I become more acquainted with it. I may be unusual. I use three primary browsers (I don’t like using favorites; I like multi-tabbed home pages.)

  11. Firefox will always be a developers browser i think. I still see over 85% of users with IE. Google’s chrome is barely noticeable. I would think IE would come out with extensions before long.

  12. Donno, as for my online auction I have aprox data for the last 2 month
    IE 7 – 50.0% 51.1%
    Ff 3 – 26.0% 27.4%
    IE 6 – 9.4% 12.5%

  13. More than 90% of my Blog Visitors use Firefox. Really Great.. Wishes to Firefox…

  14. Its only a matter of time before IE starts to fail. I’m not talking in a few years, but a long time. The teenagers will be older and the shift of market share will start to float to firefox or even safari.

  15. Ater reading some of these post’s I think I will ask our IT guy to upgrade me to firefox.

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