Launch of Free Global Stats Tool

StatCounter is delighted to announce the launch of our new free Global Stats tool. The tool records market share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including mobile.


You can use StatCounter Global Stats to monitor issues such as:

  • how Google’s new browser Chrome is doing against Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • how the iPhone is succeeding against traditional market leader Nokia in the mobile browser market – see iPhone Takes Global Lead in Mobile Browser Wars press release

Click here to access StatCounter Global Stats!


The analysis is currently based on four billion pageloads per month and is updated approximately five times per day.

Users can:

  • Create and customize charts
  • Download graphs
  • Access the raw data
  • Sign up for alerts

“This is probably the most comprehensive global web analysis you can get and certainly for free,” commented former Gartner senior executive, Oisin Byrne who now heads independent tech research company, iReach. “StatCounter is shaking up the web research market by being able to provide such comprehensive statistics at no cost to users.”

There is no charge for use of the data or charts but users must reference StatCounter as the source.


Press Queries to:
Kerri Crowley/Ronnie Simpson (Simpson Financial & Technology PR)


  1. Wow! Thank you very much. I can see this being very useful for students. I can already think of a couple of studies I would like to do with this data.

  2. I’m confused by your including Opera (software) among a bunch of hardware counts; Nokia, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Sony PSP.

    My mobile device – a HTC Touch, runs Windows Mobile 6 and Pocket IE as standard and although Opera and other browsers are available, I expect most users to go with the default option, so how come Windows Mobile doesn’t appear as a device type (that would equate to the hardware) and how come Pocket IE (as the browser) is nowhere?

  3. Very nice update from Statcounter Team! You will always be my favorite tracking tool among the rest. Keep it up!

  4. Very Nice. I notices something very interesting. As I compared IE to FireFox I saw that whenever ID dipped, FireFox rose. So I copied the FireFox line, flipped it vertically, and it is almost an exact match to the IE line.
    Clearly IE and FireFox are battling it out and when one wins the other looses.

    Thank you for this great tool.

  5. Great job on the GS product. My browser of choice (Opera) is still hanging on to 3rd place I see.

  6. i currently use kijiji a lot across canada and i was wondering if you folks can either instruct me or put me in touch with the usa market so that i can advertise in the states. how do i do this? thanks gordon

  7. These stats are great, and it’s brilliant being able to get data for each country. Thanks so much for developing this and making the info freely available! 🙂

  8. Now this is what I call global information at the tip of your fingers!!!

    A very interesting and useful tool – Superb job StatCounter. 🙂

  9. The Global Stats Tools is a wonderful program……thanks again to the StatCounter Team……..

  10. Statcounter has been my principal stats program for 3 years. Easy to use and free! Beat that!

  11. Throughout the years Statcounter remained one of my most favourite tracking tool. Now with that improved functionality I’ll like it even more.

  12. This is brilliant. I work in the web application industry, and the numbers and stats always seem to be at odds. With the comprehensive nature of the data StatCounter can bring to bear on the analysis, this resource is going to be very useful.



  13. nice job!!! very useful and undoubtedly interesting.
    but… browser stats for Lao People’s Democratic republic returns “Invalid XML Data”…
    bummer… is that because of the ‘ in the country name?


    StatCounter Team Response:

    Hi Azadi,

    Thanks for the bug report. This has been resolved now.

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