NEW: Display Uniques on My Projects Page

Hi folks,

You can now change your “My Projects” page to display Unique Visitors instead of Page Views. To make the change:

  • Log in to your StatCounter account
  • Click the ‘My Profile’ link in the top navigation bar
  • my_profile

  • Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button
  • For ‘My Projects Display Metric’ choose Unique Visitors
  • my_projects

  • Enter your password
  • Finally click ‘Update My Profile’

We’re delighted to provide you with this new option and many thanks to the various StatCounter members who requested this. Please keep your feedback and ideas coming!

57 comments on “NEW: Display Uniques on My Projects Page

  1. Nice! The StatCounter just keeps improving. Actually I’ve always wanted to use unique visitors on my charts for more accuracy. Also when people ask me regarding how many visitors do I get to my websites, they’re usually interested in the uniques and not the pageloads.

    Just tested and it works nicely.

  2. thanks alot “statscounter”. I love to have this new feature.

    Again have been using statscounter for last 1 year and I must say
    you guys are the best.

  3. We love this new Unique Visitors option…….the StatCounter Team continues to meet the needs of their customers…….they are # 1

  4. Unique Visitors is more important that PageViews I think so this is a great feature. Pageviews are important once the unique is on the site but that’s a whole other chapter. 😉

  5. Oh happy day! I was hoping this feature would come soon. Thanks guys! Uniques really is that “snapshot” figure we are looking for when we log in. That is super handy…Statcounter never ceases to amaze 🙂

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