NEW: Restricted Public Stats

With StatCounter you have always had the option to make your StatCounter stats public. This feature allows you to provide visitors to your site with a link to view all your StatCounter stats.

Further to many requests we have now implemented Restricted Public Stats. This option allows you to provide visitors to your site with a link to view only the “Summary Stats” page of your StatCounter stats.


To enable/disable public stats:

  • Log in to your StatCounter account.
  • Click the ‘lock’ icon beside your project name.


  • Click your preferred option
    • Public Stats are Disabled
    • Only Summary Stats Are Public
    • All Stats Are Public
  • If you are making your stats public, note the URL to use to send visitors to your StatCounter account e.g.…project_id=xxxxxx&guest=1
  • Click ‘Upgrade Project Access’ and that’s it!


  1. Thanks. Frankly I haven’t seen the benefit of showing one’s stats to their visitors yet, but it may change with time – in which case the development will come in handy.

  2. This will work well for blogs and other community websites. The entire social gathering around the website can watch the traffic, but only allowing the basics to show. This is an excellent idea. This addition could grow into more adjustments as far as public stats since it will surely be well received.

  3. I think it is wonderful, specially the sites receiving good traffic will be able to impress it’s user base without disclosing full stats. Small players will be able to show their gradual progress. Nice addition.

  4. Yeah! You’re sooo great… Even It been released… maybe I’m not using for now… maybe in the future… But still, good job, well done!

  5. Thanks, the previous public stats will allow your rival to steal all your keyword and data T_T This could be handy 😉

  6. Pretty cool. This can be for example useful when you want to show advertisers how much traffic your site is getting.

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