NEW: Restricted Public Stats

With StatCounter you have always had the option to make your StatCounter stats public. This feature allows you to provide visitors to your site with a link to view all your StatCounter stats.

Further to many requests we have now implemented Restricted Public Stats. This option allows you to provide visitors to your site with a link to view only the “Summary Stats” page of your StatCounter stats.


To enable/disable public stats:

  • Log in to your StatCounter account.
  • Click the ‘lock’ icon beside your project name.


  • Click your preferred option
    • Public Stats are Disabled
    • Only Summary Stats Are Public
    • All Stats Are Public
  • If you are making your stats public, note the URL to use to send visitors to your StatCounter account e.g.…project_id=xxxxxx&guest=1
  • Click ‘Upgrade Project Access’ and that’s it!


  1. Very nice. I am trying to understand how publicizing my stats could help . . ..


  2. If i ever need to display stats to public, i will choose restricted access. Not all stats should be make public as it may go either way. (My Views) Yes there is no harm in displaying number of visitors daily. i welcome “Summary Stats” feature of statcounter.

    Good work.

  3. Everyone needs to keep in mind, that those of you that allow other ppl to view the stats in it’s entirity, you are placing many ppl at risk for cyber attacks…. If you click on the “receient page activity” tab, you’ll notice that the individual’s IP address is also listed…Though many are using a proxy, many more are not…With just the IP alone, if a person knows what they are doing, they can very easily wreck havoc….I’m not tring to tell you all how to manage your sites, but it’s just a word of warning…

    Blessed Be Peaceful Journey

  4. Does anyone know why on some projects I have a “view downloads” option and on some others I don’t have it?
    As it happens, the option is only available for those sites where I have no downloads and viceversa (!?)

  5. Hi,

    Thanks a ton, this is great info. It shall be ideal for me.


  6. Very useful.

    Is there a way to customize the appearance of the public summary stats?

  7. Another handy tool for webmaster
    Thanks for statcounter team

  8. I would like to see StatCounter report visitor’s language information as well. This is a major deficiency in the current stats, but fortunately for you, Google Analytics does a crap job of reporting languages, so you can one-up them! Net Applications does not report them globally either, so your global stats can improve on theirs too.

    There are two sources of languages, the singular language that the UA’s UI is running in, this is reported in most browsers’ UA strings. This is not very useful because most browsers are only available in a few languages (18 for Safari, 70 for Firefox), thus a limited array of values.

    The second source is the Accept-Language HTTP header. For this case, you need to parse the q-values as well, so that en;q=0 does not get counted as a request for english and two fr;q=0.5 requests get counted as equivalent to one standard fr.
    Furthermore, display them via a UI that both displays all “en”/”en-AU”/”en-ZA” etc requests uniquely, and also displays their sum under an “English” umbrella.
    Since users can set this arbiltrarilly and it cascades, it allows for much more detailed information.
    Don’t forget script codes (zh-Hans vs. zh-Hant) either!

    I would like to see both sources of data reported separately.

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