StatCounter User Types

Hi folks,

Did you know that you can set up different users in your StatCounter account?

In fact, if you want to allow other people to access your StatCounter account, we strongly recommend that you do this.

Using our User Access Management feature you can also set up different levels of access for each user.

How do I add a user to my StatCounter account?

  • Log in to your StatCounter account and click “Users” in the top navigation bar.


  • Click “Add New User”.
  • Complete the “Account Details” and “Personal Details”.
  • In the “User Access Rights” section, assign the chosen user type.
  • In the “Project Access” section, select which projects you want your new user to access.


  • At the end of the page, click “Add New User” and you’re done!

What are the different User Types?

  • Admin (full access to ALL projects)
    This gives the user FULL access to ALL projects in your account – including adding and deleting other users and projects.
  • Web Designer
    This gives the user limited access only to projects you allow. Web Designer Users can view stats and configure the tracking and installation code.
  • Billing
    This gives the user limited access only to projects you allow. Billing Users can view stats, view and pay invoices and upgrade and downgrade your account.
  • Stats Viewer
    This gives the user limited access only to projects you allow. It gives the user the ability to view the stats for each project you allow.
  • Restricted Stats Viewer
    This gives the user limited access only to projects you allow. It gives the user the ability to view only the Summary Stats for each project you allow.

How do I change the User Access to a project?
To change the User Access to a project, go to the My Projects page in your StatCounter account. Click the lock icon lock beside your project name. Check the box beside the users you want to have access to this project. Finally, click Update Project Access.

How do I change the settings for a User?

To change the settings for a User, click Users in the top navigation bar. Click the “Pencil and Paper” icon beside the chosen username to edit the User.

Please be extremely careful in allowing third parties to have Admin Access to your StatCounter account. Your account may be compromised if you allow a third party to have Admin Access to your account.


  1. Man- this just gets better everytime I read this blog.

    This program is great.

    Thanks again



  2. Seems like a useful feature if you want to grant certain people different kinds of limited access to your statistics and counters. I admit I had no idea this kind of thing even existed 🙂 So thank you for the detailed explanation.

  3. Another great addition to the already excellent Statcounter service.

    Well done guys, keep it up. Now if only we could have a bigger log size as standard?! 😉

  4. This really helps us solve a data sharing problem, as we refer to StatCounter more than any other tracking application we’ve used. A lot of the others are slow and just too bloated with features we don’t need.

  5. I really appreciate the step by step way you explained it – even techi-challenged can follow.
    Thanks guys!

  6. Nice tips , thank you about that

    it’s gonna help me save a lot of time

  7. Love the features, but selecting the user type seems kinda non-essential. I know it’s helpful for identifying, but in the end, wouldn’t it be better just to have a blank space where we could type in the name or title of the user?

  8. I will look into it thanks,

    We saw you on the telly last night and I had no idea that statcounter was Irish. Well done and keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for the update.
    Being a SEO Provider, it was really needed thing for me.
    Keep up the good job.

  10. love it love it love it…
    I have always loved and you guys keep blowing me away with more and more..a big wow..!!!
    I am also wondering about a limit to the users we are able to add..?

  11. This is a good feature if you want to have separate user accounts–nice!

  12. Statcounter is an amazing tool and this is a neat feature, but I think it’s about time the interface was upgraded. Really the only thing google analytics has over stat counter is the interface. I use both, but I actually like statcounter better, even though it has an ugly interface 😛

  13. Loving the service on my naruto episode site, it is very accurate and I love that it can be invisible.

  14. I guess I would allow someone to have a peek at the stats only if someone is interested in advertising or something.

  15. Excellent! This allows potential clients to preview stats in real-time instead of relying otherwise. Great work Aodhan !!

  16. Is this a developed feature or just a reminder since I’ve seen this option on Statcounter for a while now.

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