Attack of Nasty Ads!


As different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world, here in StatCounter HQ, we don’t actually get to see every single advert shown to our members… and although we try hard to screen all ads BEFORE they are are shown on StatCounter, some nasty ads do slip through the net

nasty-ad-small1In the last 24 hours we have heard reports that some nasty auto-expanding ads have been shown on StatCounter. We do apologise for this. We are investigating this with a view to removing all offending adverts ASAP and thanks are due to StatCounter members Gordon and Tony for their quick action in alerting us to this issue.

While we rely on our advertising revenue to fund our free service, we only want the nicest, best behaved ads on our site. Thanks for your patience as we work to fix this issue.

We believe we have traced and removed the source of the offending ads. Please post here if you continue to see any nasty ads and give us the following information:

• Ad position – top or side
• url where ad is being seen
• screenshot of ad
• geo location where ad was seen
• Click url of ad

Please also take a screenshot of the ad and we will contact you directly to retrieve the image from you. Many thanks!

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  1. Couple of my websites was blocked by google search a week ago because of a trojan on the index and I remove all the advertising but the trojan pop ups continue, so once I remove the counter everything stop, counters with pop ups is a big NO NO, I understand that you guys need a revenue to continue the free service but the nasty pop ups with virus wont work. I add the counters again and it seems to be allright so far.

    Greetings from Kansas!

    StatCounter Team Reponse:
    Hi Steve,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, but your Trojan problem had nothing to do with StatCounter.

    We don’t serve ads on our members sites period. The only advertising we use is on StatCounter itself. In fact, we even allow you to choose an invisible counter option with no need to credit StatCounter at all – even for free accounts. We certainly don’t allow any pop ads on StatCounter and we DEFINITELY don’t serve ads with viruses!

  2. WOW, I have never seen *any* ads on, never mind nasty ones! Thanks for letting us know however, and sorry you had to deal with this. You guys provide an excellent service!

  3. Service is much faster today. Thanks for the quick response. Thanks for your website, too.

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Good to hear that June. Thanks!

  4. As always, this is a nice point from you. You don’t put ads in our websites, like other “free” counters do (pop ups, pop unders…), and still you really even care for ads that you rule just in your own site. It was not so long when some kind of “nasty” (e. g. not-so-safe-for-work aka porn or adult-oriented) ads appeared in Adsense and you asked for community for tracking those adverts and help you identify and “ban” them from your site.

    Thank you very much, statcounter guys. You have a bussiness, but you rule it so clean and so friendly that I just can hope some “others” would learn from you.


    StatCounter Team Response:

    Thanks Persefone!

    We do try to provide the best service we can… great to know you’re pleased with how we’re doing!

  5. Pages load slowly with long waits for “”. Each page load has up to a 45 second wait. Navigating around the site takes forever.

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi June,

    Please report any site performance issues to our Support Desk immediately as they happen using this form.

    This will allow us to investigate and resolve any issues asap.


  6. This is a little off topic but related to the interactions between web programs.

    I wanted to alert WordPress/Statcounter users the Amazon Showcase widget has crashed and it can take down your Statcounter functions.

    Deactivate the Amazon widget and everything returns to normal. Amazon changed their interface and the widget won’t be updated.

    I lost two days of stats before isolating the problem.

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