Attack of Nasty Ads!


As different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world, here in StatCounter HQ, we don’t actually get to see every single advert shown to our members… and although we try hard to screen all ads BEFORE they are are shown on StatCounter, some nasty ads do slip through the net

nasty-ad-small1In the last 24 hours we have heard reports that some nasty auto-expanding ads have been shown on StatCounter. We do apologise for this. We are investigating this with a view to removing all offending adverts ASAP and thanks are due to StatCounter members Gordon and Tony for their quick action in alerting us to this issue.

While we rely on our advertising revenue to fund our free service, we only want the nicest, best behaved ads on our site. Thanks for your patience as we work to fix this issue.

We believe we have traced and removed the source of the offending ads. Please post here if you continue to see any nasty ads and give us the following information:

• Ad position – top or side
• url where ad is being seen
• screenshot of ad
• geo location where ad was seen
• Click url of ad

Please also take a screenshot of the ad and we will contact you directly to retrieve the image from you. Many thanks!

123 comments on “Attack of Nasty Ads!

  1. Thanks for frankly let us know. I have not experienced any such bad ads. Thanks for your nice service. I should say that I can’t live a day with out seeing statcounter results. This service is unexceptionally great.

  2. Since the ads are in an iframe, they have limited access. It is not this website, as the website that is inside the iframe is not hosted here. (An iframe is a browser window built-into a webpage. It has a separate URL and permissions, and has a separate history and refresh.)

    If you, the developers of stat-counter, add a button next to the advertisement, for reporting violations… That would simplify things a little more.

    Perhaps you should create a new website. One that demands all ads confirm to a standard set of rules.
    1. Must be served from an approved and valid SSL HTTPS connection.
    2. Must have a unique ID for reporting.
    3. Must have a “CLOSE” button, which instantly terminates the ad.
    – Located in the top-right, minimum of 20px x 20px.
    4. Must be silent, with a “PLAY” or “VOLUME”, on/off button.
    – Located in the bottom-right, minimum of 20px x 20px.
    5. Must have a “REPORT” button, which is links the ID to our reporting-agent URL.
    6. Must not contain an internal IFRAME, or load content from another URL or IP that does not match the delivering URL or IP.
    7. Must not attempt to install or activate non-browser related programs.
    8. Must be non-persistent and self-terminate after 20 seconds of stalled loading. (One dead ad will stop the rest of a page from loading.)
    9. Must only have one exit-point link, with the exception of the “REPORT” link.
    10. Must not feature content that is unacceptable for public display.

    Ok, get to work, I laid-down the foundation… well, I did spread the lime-powder… just add water, mix, surface, let it set, and harden… Um, then build walls, plumbing, electrical, AC, roof, paint, shingles, inspected, and move-in!


    I am sure that you are big enough, to be selective with the ads you allow. Advertise your stats, and sell your own space.

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