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Hi folks,

Some time ago, we developed a new platform for StatCounter. We’ve called this new version SC4. Some of the benefits of SC4 include the following:

  • Exit link tracking – to allow you track the destinations of visitors leaving your site
  • Download stats – to allow you track stats for pdf and other files available on your site
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

While all new projects created with StatCounter in the last 18 months have all automatically been created on the SC4 platform, conversion of existing StatCounter projects to the new platform has taken far longer than we had wanted or anticipated. For this, we can only apologise and thank you for your patience… We hope that we are going some way towards making up for the long delay by letting you know that we have now converted 18 StatCounter partitions to the new SC4 system since the start of the year. (A “partition” is simply a “section” of StatCounter that houses a portion of all StatCounter projects.)

When your StatCounter project is converted to the SC4 system, you will be able to see stats for “exit links” and “downloads” in the left navigation panel when viewing your StatCounter stats.

NOTE: You do NOT need to make any changes to your StatCounter code. The new features will become available automatically.

Conversion of the remaining StatCounter partitions to SC4 will follow ASAP and updates and information will be posted in our Service Status forum. Please note that we are addressing some questions you may have in a Q&A format below. Thanks again for your patience and please do post any comments/queries/suggestions below if you wish!

Why am I seeing new stats in StatCounter e.g. Exit Links and Downloads?
You will see new stats in StatCounter when your project is converted to our new SC4 platform.

Why has it taken so long to convert some projects to SC4?
We began to convert all StatCounter projects to SC4 approximately 18 months ago. To our dismay, we were beset by a number of problems which have resulted in the delays in converting the complete system to SC4. Some of these issues included difficulties with hosting providers and problems with server acquisitions – while we were able to overcome all the issues we faced, the resultant delays in completing the conversion were unavoidable. We offer our sincere apologies for this delay and assure you that we are working to complete conversion of the full system as soon as possible.

What are Exit Links?
Exit Links are the links that visitors click to LEAVE your site.

Let’s imagine that your site is Let’s also imagine that on your site, you have a link to another site called Every time a visitor LEAVES your site ( by clicking the link for then will show up as an Exit Link in your StatCounter stats.

Note that an exit link is a link to ANOTHER site. It is NOT an internal link to another page of your site.

Please further note that Exit Links will ONLY be recorded when a visitor leaves your site by clicking a link. If a visitor simply closes their browser or types in a new web address, then no Exit Link happens so no Exit Link is recorded.

What are Download stats?
Download stats let you track how many times files on your site are downloaded. If you have price lists, brochures or music files on your site, then this stat will be of interest to you.

What file types does StatCounter track as downloads?
Some of the file types StatCounter tracks include:
csv, doc, exe, gif, jpeg, jpg, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mov, pdf, png, ppt, rar, txt, wma, wmv, xls, xml, zip…


  1. well, thats just lame. we are long year paying customers, but on main project still don`t have detailed visitor map, as we have on some new, less important projects.

  2. The last two days the stats have not worked… I keep getting DB connect errors, and no hits are being recorded. My account is the same as my name here, if you get a moment to investigate.

    Not sure if this has to do with the conversion, but that is the only thing that has really changed. Has the code for the counters changed too?

  3. Ah, now I understand why some of my projects show exit links and others now.
    Anyway, thank you for lot of great features.. even in the free version.
    SC rocks!

  4. I really love StatCounter and would like to thank you kindly for the service.

    My one wish would be to have seperate graphing for incoming traffic per search engine, so i can see the trending of google traffic to my site over a few months.. then switch to see Bing trending, etc.

    I would pay for that 🙂

    Thanks for a great service!

  5. I am using this statscounter for one of the blog. Its really good and beautiful. Thanks you .

  6. LOng LIve SC!!

    you are wonderous!!! thanks so much for all you do for us users!

  7. Have long been an admirer of Statcounter and the people behind the scenes.

    Well done fellers!

  8. SC4 is a “super” program………the Statcounter team is fantastic !

  9. I think the exit link tracking is a useful feature and I’m glad this functionality has been incorporated. I have a number of links on my site and it helps me understand the content better by tracking what site visitors are exiting too. Thanks!

  10. Once again, you provide exceptional service. Statcounter has been near the core of my sites’ success over the years, and each change strengthens that position. Thank you.

  11. Just wanting to thank you guys for the amazing service you offer. I use stat counter on all my websites and quite frankly couldn’t live without it. Thanks again.

  12. I just wanted to say I use StatCounter on all my websites. You have made tracking websites very easy and straight forward.

  13. I just wanted to say I use StatCounter on all my website. You have made tracking websites very easy and straight forward.

  14. I’m looking forward to the new features. Thanks for pushing the envelope.

  15. Thanks, these features are very useful, every day I’m more happier with the service of Statcounter, i always recommend 🙂 regards!!

  16. This is amazing and a great new options, Especially the exit links stats sound very good to apply thanks

  17. These are great new options, thanks! Especially the exit links stats sound very promising to understand visitor’s behavior. Great!

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