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Hi folks,

Some time ago, we developed a new platform for StatCounter. We’ve called this new version SC4. Some of the benefits of SC4 include the following:

  • Exit link tracking – to allow you track the destinations of visitors leaving your site
  • Download stats – to allow you track stats for pdf and other files available on your site
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

While all new projects created with StatCounter in the last 18 months have all automatically been created on the SC4 platform, conversion of existing StatCounter projects to the new platform has taken far longer than we had wanted or anticipated. For this, we can only apologise and thank you for your patience… We hope that we are going some way towards making up for the long delay by letting you know that we have now converted 18 StatCounter partitions to the new SC4 system since the start of the year. (A “partition” is simply a “section” of StatCounter that houses a portion of all StatCounter projects.)

When your StatCounter project is converted to the SC4 system, you will be able to see stats for “exit links” and “downloads” in the left navigation panel when viewing your StatCounter stats.

NOTE: You do NOT need to make any changes to your StatCounter code. The new features will become available automatically.

Conversion of the remaining StatCounter partitions to SC4 will follow ASAP and updates and information will be posted in our Service Status forum. Please note that we are addressing some questions you may have in a Q&A format below. Thanks again for your patience and please do post any comments/queries/suggestions below if you wish!

Why am I seeing new stats in StatCounter e.g. Exit Links and Downloads?
You will see new stats in StatCounter when your project is converted to our new SC4 platform.

Why has it taken so long to convert some projects to SC4?
We began to convert all StatCounter projects to SC4 approximately 18 months ago. To our dismay, we were beset by a number of problems which have resulted in the delays in converting the complete system to SC4. Some of these issues included difficulties with hosting providers and problems with server acquisitions – while we were able to overcome all the issues we faced, the resultant delays in completing the conversion were unavoidable. We offer our sincere apologies for this delay and assure you that we are working to complete conversion of the full system as soon as possible.

What are Exit Links?
Exit Links are the links that visitors click to LEAVE your site.

Let’s imagine that your site is Let’s also imagine that on your site, you have a link to another site called Every time a visitor LEAVES your site ( by clicking the link for then will show up as an Exit Link in your StatCounter stats.

Note that an exit link is a link to ANOTHER site. It is NOT an internal link to another page of your site.

Please further note that Exit Links will ONLY be recorded when a visitor leaves your site by clicking a link. If a visitor simply closes their browser or types in a new web address, then no Exit Link happens so no Exit Link is recorded.

What are Download stats?
Download stats let you track how many times files on your site are downloaded. If you have price lists, brochures or music files on your site, then this stat will be of interest to you.

What file types does StatCounter track as downloads?
Some of the file types StatCounter tracks include:
csv, doc, exe, gif, jpeg, jpg, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mov, pdf, png, ppt, rar, txt, wma, wmv, xls, xml, zip…


  1. The exit links feature is extremely cool. This now means that I can see which adwords links people are clicking when leaving my site, right?

  2. I’d noticed that one of older projects had been converted to the new format. Very useful.

  3. StatCounter is great… Even without SC4, but of course it adds a lot of neat features.

    I checked the counter I use for my blog and apparently it’s in partition 39 (at least that’s the idea I get from counter code which says sc_partition=39;) and I can see the Exit Link in my statistics now. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. Nothing beats free counter with tons of great features 🙂

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  5. Indeed agree with all the gang that these are the great options. I am particularly interested whether download statistics counts both clicks and downloads since those two are completely different things in terms of visitors’ behaviour? I have an impression that it counts clicks, but not actual downloads with for ex. popular soft like orbit downloader of similar of the kind.

  6. I was expecting a post on exit links. But had never thought of this feature. Exit link tracking to know the destinations of visitors leaving the site is a great value addition. Eagerly awaiting my project to be converted to the new SC4 platform.

  7. Just a question-: In the Blog example above you said if your site is and you have a link to, and someone clicks on that then the will show as an exit link, thats great & would be really helpful…

    Am I right in assuming that if you dont have any links elsewhere on your site, when someone leaves your site and goes for arguments sake to that that isn’t recorded as an exit link because it has nothing to do with your site?

    Thanks for the continuing updates and progress that is being made!

  8. How do I map the my download file, that is,

    to the Download count or stat tracker with SC?

    Currently, it does not show up any data.


  9. It was worth the waiting. Congratulations and thanks to all StatCounter team for this amazing service.

  10. Apparently my projects have recently been converted because I now have Exit Link and Download stats. It’s very interesting data. I’m grateful for the truly excellent service you continue to provide.

  11. I thought you had exit links for some time already? Or was that my imagination..? Great stuff anyway.

  12. SC4 is very useful. I love the statcounter and their great tools.

  13. I love the new exit links. Thanks!

    But I miss the detail in the IP Address. For example, what used to display as “” now only displays as “Sbc Internet Services (”. The added server information gave me even deeper knowledge of where/who was accesing my site.

  14. That is good news. It make explain why we are not able to see our traking info to as the partition was not available.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Statcounter is still counter for us and that’s the only counter that we use.
    Why? Because this is a non stop project and Statcounter is always surprising us with new tools.
    Our Sc4 have been working 5 stars.


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