SC4 and Beyond…!


In the last few days we have completed conversion of all StatCounter projects to our new SC4 platform.

Some of the key differences with this update include:

  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats
  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Improved loading speed of StatCounter code
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support during the period of the conversion – it took much longer than we had wanted or expected so we are absolutely delighted that all members now have access to the improved features.

As mentioned above, our new system provides us with lots of flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer… so we are combing through our forum and support system and putting together an action plan of updates and improvements for StatCounter. In addition, we’d be very grateful for your help…

    • Is there a statistic or feature that you would like to see on StatCounter?
    • If there was one thing you could change about StatCounter what would it be?
    • Is there any way that we could make StatCounter easier to use?
    • How could StatCounter be even more useful to you?

If you have a bright idea, then please post it here!

Any and all suggestions will be of great help to us in charting our way forward as we continue to strive to provide you, our members, with the best service we possibly can.


  1. I would like to see a magnifying glass beside each user Label on the IP Address Label page so I can to the in-depth, detailed report of that user!

  2. Great improvement!

    My wishes:

    – hourly stats
    – cheaper pro stats
    – graph stats by keyword
    – graph stats by referer

    Thanks 🙂

  3. It would be nice to be able to download the keywords. Especially as a csv file.

  4. Performance is already very good. I would say increase your log sizes a bit.

  5. Great work guys! Love your product … it is helping me get to the point to where I can pay for extra features. 😉

    I second all the great suggestions that Gert already gave.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I think this entire project is simply amazing. I am more than pleased with the reliability and features Statcounter currently offers.

    If I could choose one new feature it would be ajax stat monitoring similar to that which offers. I can see how this could put stress on the server, but if it was for paying members only I would definitely consider upgrading.

  7. Gert’s suggestions are really good. I’d also like to see a plugin for WordPress that lets me see my project stats in the WordPress Dashboard.

    1. Hi Archshrk,

      We ALREADY have a WordPress plugin that allows you to see your stats within your dashboard!

      You may be using an older version of the plugin. You can get the latest version here.

  8. thank you for best service..

    i am suggest to put the online visitor detail in your counter…..

  9. What Gert said. (All of it, in fact, though I only thought of a default page per project)

  10. Usability Suggestions:

    When I click a project it always goes to the Summary page. Please let me choose which page to show by default (Visitor Paths in my case).

    When I am on one of the project pages for “Project 1”, please offer a drop-down box so I can see the same page for another project (“Project 2”).

    Functionality (this may be hard):
    If a visitor clicks away from a page in the current project and lands on a page for another project, let me “follow him”.

    Thanks for considering.

    StatCounter Team Response:

    Thanks Gert – great ideas! We’re very grateful that you took the time to post.

  11. We appreciate your dedicated hard work in the conversion of your projects to the SC4 platform……..the StatCounter Team is #1

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