SC4 and Beyond…!


In the last few days we have completed conversion of all StatCounter projects to our new SC4 platform.

Some of the key differences with this update include:

  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats
  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Improved loading speed of StatCounter code
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support during the period of the conversion – it took much longer than we had wanted or expected so we are absolutely delighted that all members now have access to the improved features.

As mentioned above, our new system provides us with lots of flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer… so we are combing through our forum and support system and putting together an action plan of updates and improvements for StatCounter. In addition, we’d be very grateful for your help…

    • Is there a statistic or feature that you would like to see on StatCounter?
    • If there was one thing you could change about StatCounter what would it be?
    • Is there any way that we could make StatCounter easier to use?
    • How could StatCounter be even more useful to you?

If you have a bright idea, then please post it here!

Any and all suggestions will be of great help to us in charting our way forward as we continue to strive to provide you, our members, with the best service we possibly can.


  1. Great job guys keep up the good work, I ve been using SC for rwo years :), Thanks

  2. Great work, I really enjoy SC. I’d love to be able to select font size, and to have the ip-addresses of visitors. Keep up!

  3. Thank you for the great site you have.
    I am in the process of stopping my blog as I had to change my ISP and I can’t believe how complicated this has become. I cannot delete my google account as the blog says it’s just can’t be done. There is no way I can change it, so, due to the fact I have been at this for months now, I am giving up.
    Thank you for your excellent service. You probably noticed I had very few responses, all due to the fact my fellow bloggers couldn’t find me. I don’t know the why’s of that, either.
    Thanks again,

  4. Best of luck to the Stat Counter team for better days ahead.


  5. It’s just 14 days after I started my blog and to track the traffic using Statcom. I could see the readership increasing statistically and Iam very happy to be able to use those information to plan my blog activities. I am very, very pleased with its real-time capabilities, graphs and all. You guys are good!
    …and before I knew it, you are working very hard to make it even better!
    Keep it up guys!

  6. Hi, very useful blog, thanks for all the interesting informations. I will definitively follow! chris

  7. great work. though. for some reason my account in the forum section has been banned without prior notifications notifications. but apart from that, you guys still are amazing.

  8. It is great work!

    I am not sure my request is already available in account settings.

    Download Logs – Send by weekly mail:

    Is there any way to get weekly mail with “Download Logs” attached?

    It will be helpful, As a small website administrator we will not miss any of our visitor log for our future reference.

  9. Of course, you guys rock, but you already know that.

    Anywho, some of my projects use frames, and I can’t figure out how to use SC with a frames-based site and still see referring url…? I tried putting SC code in the no-frames content but that didn’t work, all I get is “…jadajadajada…index.html” as referring url…

    Thanx again for a great service, with or without ref-url for frames…


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