A Facelift for StatCounter!

Hi all,

StatCounter Facelift!
We’re currently updating StatCounter – the new site will have a fresh, modern look; it will be more user-friendly and hopefully will make using StatCounter an even better experience. Our new interface will also give us flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer.

Help Please!
Internal testing of the new site has been ongoing for some time… but NOW we need YOUR HELP!

We’d love to get feedback from a really broad range of people from beginners, all the way up to advanced users.

It would also be great to hear from anyone with a blog or website, who is NOT yet using StatCounter but would like to join up.

So, if you would like to have an input into the new StatCounter design then please apply for beta access here!

Please note that while we are hoping to get as much feedback as possible, we may not be able to offer access to everyone who applies. We do, however, sincerely appreciate every single offer of assistance – StatCounter couldn’t be what it is today without the support and loyalty of you, our members.

We would also be delighted to welcome any volunteers to our Dublin office to test the new site in person. If you’re in or around Dublin over the next few weeks and you have some time to spare, then we’d love to hear from you!

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome below.


  1. I am using SC since 5 years. Recommended to many friends and webmasters to use the best real time stats provider. Way to go SC!

  2. I am looking forward to using the new StatCounter. I will apply for beta access at the link you provided.

  3. Statcounter has always been an Awesome Website. I am eagerly waiting to see the new look . Keep up the good work guys 🙂


  4. The site is completely down for me. I can’t sign up for beta testing or even access it. I will try again from home when I’m not on a networked computer but I have been able to get there from this work station before.

    1. Hi Karen,

      StatCounter is up! It may be a local issue for you.

      Contact us on the support desk if you’re still having difficulties.

  5. well.I like the current version.I hope new version much better.I will beta version of it now.

  6. I suppose SC4 still isn’t implemented yet. Because I don’t see any changes.

    1. Hi
      SC4 is the current version that you are using right now. We are discussing the latest version yet to be officially released. To see the changes you would need to sign up as a beta tester and you will be given early access to the new version. Check the top of the page for a link to sign up.

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